Patented Filling Valve Ultra Clean Filling Machine

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Patented Filling Valve Ultra Clean Filling Machine

Material: Stainless Steel Process: Pressure Filling System
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Filling Valve: Gravity Mechanical Valve Or Customer Needs
Filling Temperature: 65~68℃ Applicable Products: Fruit Juice, Mineral Water,NFC Cold Chain, Tea Drinks, Protein Drinks And Other Acidic Or Low-acid
Capacity: 12000--48000BPH Applicable Bottle Type: 200ml-1500ml
High Light: 500ml Ultra Clean Filling Machine, 15000bph mineral water Filling Machine, 500ml ultra clean filling production line

Patented Filling Valve  Ultra Clean Filling Machine


Filling temperature: 65~68℃
Capacity: 12000 bottles/hour ----48000 bottles/hour (500ml)
Applicable bottle type 200ml-1500ml

Filling valve: mechanical valve/imported flow meter valve/imported electronic weighing valve can be used according to customer needs

Applicable products: acidic or low-acid beverages such as fruit juice, NFC cold chain, tea beverages, protein beverages, etc.

Working process: blowing-disinfection-rinsing-filling-capping

The ultra-clean filling production line adopts aseptic isolation technology and reliable sterilization methods. After the bottles and caps are sterilized, the materials are filled and sealed in the aseptic room. COP and SOP ensure complete cleaning and sterilization inside the equipment. CIP and SIP ensure complete cleaning and sterilization of material pipelines and filling valves. One hundred grades of clean space, using patented filling valve, high precision, less backflow. Using PROFIBVS assembly control technology, it can realize the central control of the whole line.

Technical features:

1. The six-valve blowing valve group, three blowing and two recycling energy-saving solutions, enable customers to save energy by more than 25%.

2. Customer-customized full servo stretching system to meet various stretch ratios.

3. Wet peracetic acid packaging material sterilization process, with a sterilization capacity of 5Log, makes packaging materials more thorough and safer.
4. Complete and fully automatic CIP, SIP, COP, SOP systems ensure the sanitary requirements of the inner and outer surfaces of the equipment. 5. Complete aseptic isolation system to ensure aseptic filling environment.

6. Adopt PROFIBUS intelligent control technology to realize whole line control, intelligent data report, and real-time monitoring of all links.

7. Non-contact imported electronic flowmeter/weighing filling system/mechanical valve negative pressure backflow filling system to ensure accuracy and safety.

8. Imported ion dust removal system to ensure the safety of packaging.

9. Customers can customize imported AROL capping system.



1. Our beverage machinery is approved as qualified products for seven years by Chinese beverage industry association.
2. Our company is approved as excellent supplier of filling equipment four times by Chinese beverage industry association.
3. Our company is entitled "Star Enterprise" by Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.
4. Our company is approved as the enterprise technical center of Zhangjiagang Province.
5. Our company obtains ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.
6. Our company is awarded as demonstration enterprise of national CAD application engineering by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
7. All our products are awarded as CE certification.
8. Our company becomes the vice chairman of Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.

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