40 Valves Ultra Clean Filling Machine For Tea Drinks

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

40 Valves Ultra Clean Filling Machine For Tea Drinks

Material: Stainless Steel / SS316 Process: Gravity Filling System
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Filling Valve: Gravity Mechanical Valve Or Customer Needs
Filling Temperature: 65~68℃ Applicable Products: Fruit Juice, Soda Water,NFC Cold Chain, Tea Drinks, Protein Drinks And Other Acidic Or Low-acid
Capacity: 12000--48000BPH Applicable Bottle Type: 350ml
High Light: CIP SIP Ultra Clean Filling Machine, 350ml soda water Filling Machine, SS316 Tea Drinks Filling Machine

40 Valves Ultra Clean Filling Machine For Tea Drinks

65 ~ 68℃ Filling Temperature Ultra Clean Filling Machine Applicable Tea Drinks

Working process: blowing-disinfection-rinsing-filling-capping

The ultra-clean filling production line uses aseptic isolation technology and reliable sterilization methods. After the bottle cap is sterilized, it is filled and sealed in a sterile room. COP and SOP ensure the cleanliness and sterilization of the equipment. CIP and SIP ensure complete cleaning and sterilization of the material pipeline and filling valve. Class 100 clean space, using patented filling valve, high precision, anti-backflow. Adopt profivs assembly control technology to realize centralized control of the entire production line.

Technical features:

1. The six-valve blowing valve group, three blowing and two recycling energy-saving solutions, enable customers to save energy by more than 25%.

2. Customer-customized full servo stretching system to meet various stretch ratios.

3. Wet peracetic acid packaging material sterilization process, with a sterilization capacity of 5Log, makes packaging materials more thorough and safer.
4. Complete and fully automatic CIP, SIP, COP, SOP systems ensure the sanitary requirements of the inner and outer surfaces of the equipment. 5. Complete aseptic isolation system to ensure aseptic filling environment.


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