15000bph Liquid Cold Intelligent Aseptic Filling Equipment For Sale

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Update:Dec, 28 /2023

1.15000 bottles per hour (bph): This is an extremely high production rate, suitable for large beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturers.
2.Liquid cold filling: This suggests that the machine is designed to fill cold liquids, such as juice, milk, or beer. Cold filling helps to preserve the quality of the product and extend its shelf life.
3.Intelligent: This could mean that the machine is equipped with sensors and controls that can monitor and adjust the filling process in real time. This would help to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
4.Aseptic filling: This is a sterile filling process that prevents the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms in the product. It is essential for products that have a long shelf life or that are sensitive to contamination.
15000bph Liquid Cold Intelligent Aseptic Filling Equipment

Aseptic Cold Filling Production Line

High quality 15000bph Liquid Cold Intelligent Aseptic Filling Equipment from China, China's leading cold intelligent aseptic filling equipment product, with strict quality control intelligent aseptic liquid filling machine factories, producing high quality 15000bph aseptic filling equipment products.

(1)Adopt aseptic filling concept design, sterile isolation technology.
(2)Adopt COP and SOP to clean and sterilize the inside and outside surface.
(3) Adopt CIP and SIP to clean and sterilize the pipeline and the filling valves.
(4)100 grade clean room environment. Patent filling valve, High filling precision, Less reflux
(5)Adopt PROFIBVS central control technology to achieve quickly control the whole line.

  Capacity:   15000BPH
  Bottle type:   300ml-1500ml
   Beverages:   milk, juice and carbonated drinks
  Post-warranty series:   video technical support, online support, spare parts, etc.
  Application:   beverage, juice, milk, yogurt, carbonated
  Packing type:   4*6/5*8/2*3
  Material used for packaging:   plastic
  Automatic level:   automatic
  Drive type:   electric
  Voltage:   380V

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