Future competition in the domestic filling machinery market

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

It is understood that filling machinery is an indispensable equipment for beverage production, especially as the modern market demand continues to expand, consumers' requirements for product quality are also increasing, and filling machinery is also moving towards high efficiency and automation.


In recent years, the food processing industry has made remarkable progress in science and technology, and the domestic filling machine industry has also developed rapidly. However, with the entry of foreign machinery, the future competition of filling machinery will be more intense.


In the future, the domestic filling machinery market will become more competitive.


Filling machinery is a machine that fills objects. It is a small class of products in packaging machines. It is pided into semi-automatic filling machines and fully automatic filling production lines in terms of the degree of automation of production; from the perspective of packaging materials, it can be pided into It is liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and granule filling machine. Filling machinery is one of the necessary mechanical equipment for enterprises to realize automated production.

  Future competition in the domestic filling machinery market

Food and beverage filling is the largest market segment in the packaging machinery and equipment industry. Nowadays, the food industry is becoming more and more high-volume. In the past, the filling production line often had problems such as large and heavy equipment and high procurement costs. Now, with the development of our technology, the filling production line is becoming more and more perfect. At the same time More and more companies have begun to pay attention to and use filling machine production lines.


The development of high-end beverage machinery in the future will enter the fast lane. In recent years, the beverage industry has developed rapidly, and the varieties of carbonated beverages, fruit juice beverages, vegetable juice beverages, milk-containing beverages, bottled drinking water, tea beverages, etc. have been continuously enriched.


All-round development of domestic filling production lines. my country’s beverage filling equipment is basically developed on the basis of imported equipment and technology. In the 1980s, more than 300 beverage filling production lines were introduced, including more than 500 beer filling lines. . This urges pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers to reduce product costs as much as possible when producing packaging machines, and use low-priced parts and components to increase the price competitiveness of their products.


Nowadays, filling machinery, especially pharmaceutical, beverage, and other filling machinery have the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability, which are also the current development trend of the filling machinery industry. With the opening of the market and the accelerating process of my country's beverage machinery industry connecting with the world, high-end products will be the market heights for international competition, and beverage machinery products integrating safety and technology will be the mainstream in the future.


A report has been released showing that the development of high-end beverage machinery in the future will enter the fast lane of development. The construction of independent brands of domestic enterprises will drive positive energy. Quality improvement and high-end product research and development driven by independent innovation will surely win the recognition of more consumers in the market and share the cake of the high value-added market.


The future competitive landscape will still be brand, quality and channels. Especially in the future, the competition in the market will no longer be the competition of domestic companies. Foreign beverage machinery giants have poured into the Chinese market one after another, and the acquisition of Chinese companies by foreign companies is accelerating.


Objectively speaking, although my country's filling machine industry has made great progress as a whole, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign products. The lack of high-end equipment, low technical content, and lack of innovation in products are the weaknesses in the development of the domestic filling machine industry.


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