HZM successfully finish another 24,000BPH pure water prodution line installation and commission

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

Why promises are important in business is that customers are always looking for business partners, and they will be faithful to their promise of a satisfactory business transaction. Consistency in quality, service dedication and some of the key characteristics that make each institution stand out from its contemporaries.

In order to fulfill the promise to customers, HZM invested huge manpower and material resources to innovate new technology to achieve higher production capacity, more stable operation status, and lower energy consumption. Not only that, HZM also kept promise, even during the epidemic, HZM insisted on sending experienced engineers to the customers’ factory to install and debug equipment and train operators.

After 2monts hard work, HZM finished another new 24,000BPH pure water production line complete project installation and commission. Currently this production line is in the trial production stage.

HZM used new full servo system blow molding machine with changable pitches technology, new filling vlave with more fast speed and stable status, more compatible labeling and packaging system.

Thank very much for your trust in HZM, especially during global covid19. HZM will insist on insist on innovation, bringing advanced technology, reliable products and timely service to our customers.


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