Fully Automated Liquid Filling Machinery and Production Line Maintenance and Operation

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Update:May, 19 /2023

The fully automatic liquid filling machine refers to the production process composed of a series of mechanical equipment that completes a series of steps and processes in the production line of liquid filling machinery. The equipment of a fully automatic liquid filling production line includes conveyors, bottle washing machines, drying machines, liquid filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, inkjet printers, etc. However, not all liquid filling production lines use all of these devices. Instead, different mechanical equipment is added or removed from the filling production line according to different product needs, while the conveyor is the link that runs through the entire production line.

The working process of a fully automatic liquid filling production line is: bottle washing → bottle drying → filling → capping → labeling → inkjet printing. For the bucket water filling machine, first, empty bottles are placed on the conveyor belt, which is then transported to the bottle washing machine for washing. The number of bottle washing positions is determined according to the number of filling heads of the filling machine. For example, if the filling machine has eight filling heads, the bottle washing machine will have eight washing positions. After washing, the bottles are transported to the drying machine for sterilization and drying, and then to the filling machine for filling. The bottles are then positioned and transported to the capping and sealing machine for sealing the contents that have been filled. The final steps are labeling and inkjet printing. This is the entire working process of a fully automatic liquid filling machine.

Since different products and customers have different requirements, there is no standardized mechanical equipment composition for a fully automatic liquid filling production line. Generally, they are customized according to the personalized needs of customers.

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