The growth of personalized demand in the beverage industry

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

With the increase of consumers’ health awareness, more and more consumers will make more rational and targeted choices of food and beverages. They begin to learn how to choose products that are more suitable for them: for example, when buying products, they begin to pay attention to the ingredient list , Choose foods with healthy effects; pay attention to the nutritional composition table, choose suitable foods according to calories, etc.


In this regard, the recent demand for beverage filling machinery has also risen significantly compared to usual, which is largely due to the increase in consumers' health awareness. The emphasis on the ingredients of canned beverages is also a new challenge for us. For the health of consumers, we have been using aseptic filling technology in good faith.

  The growth of personalized demand in the beverage industry

Among the 7.7 billion people in the world, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to inpidual differences. Each person's living habits and basic metabolism are unique. In the next 10 years, technology will empower the development of personalized food and beverages


Personalized nutrition is to some extent a revolutionary technology in the beverage industry. According to consumers' DNA and genetic profiles, they are provided with specific nutrition advice in real time. DNA data can understand an inpidual's health, genetics, lifestyle, etc. In addition, DNA data can also monitor brain function and emotional regulation. Food and beverage companies can use these data to help consumers meet their inpidual needs through diet.


But are consumers aware of this technology? Are they willing to use it to improve their health?


Studies have shown that although consumers are concerned about COVID-19, 66% of consumers worldwide believe that they are in good health.


However, consumers are still looking for new ways to improve their health because they want to adopt a comprehensive health approach in their lifestyle. 60% of consumers said that they often research different ways to improve their health.


Best choice: juice, water, yogurt drink

Personalized nutritional products can provide consumers with specific nutritional recommendations, so that they can get the correct nutrition they need and stay healthy.


Consumers think these products are very attractive. Consumer insight shows that 63% of consumers worldwide are interested in beverage products customized to meet their personal needs.


However, although consumers are interested in such products, they are not necessarily looking for such foods and beverages at present, and awareness of the availability of such products is the main reason.


This is because only 35% of consumers globally believe that there are products on the market that meet their specific nutritional needs. This creates an opportunity for the development of new products to revolve around the development of the customized food and beverage market.


When deciding on the type of beverage they want to personalize, most consumers choose juice. This is because consumers associate fruit juice with health, and fruit juice contains real nutrients and is a category suitable for drinking at any time.


Consumers expect to see other major beverage forms in the field of personalized nutrition, including high-protein beverages (67%), bottled water (59%) and yogurt beverages (66%).


And one of the main reasons why some consumers are not interested in personalized beverage products is affordability.


This will be a major obstacle in 2020 and beyond. Consumers believe that due to the impact of COVID-19, the world economy is heading for recession, so they are trying to avoid spending money on food and beverages.


Consumers are paying more and more attention to their health problems and want to obtain healthy filling beverages. You can buy high-quality beverage filling machines from HZM Machinery. The quality of our products is guaranteed, and you don’t need to worry about after-sales problems. Dedicated person for after-sales service.


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