The Application of CO2 Saturator(CO2 Mixer Machine) in Beer Production Lines

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Update:Feb, 21 /2024

CO2 Saturator, also known as a carbon dioxide mixer, is a device used to dissolve carbon dioxide into liquids. In beer production lines, CO2 Saturators are utilized to dissolve carbon dioxide into beer, inducing carbonation.


The operational principle of a CO2 Saturator involves mixing carbon dioxide gas with beer. Carbon dioxide gas enters the beer through a nozzle or diffuser, forming tiny bubbles within the beer. These bubbles dissolve in the beer, causing carbonation.

In beer production lines, CO2 Saturators serve several purposes

  1. Carbonating beer: CO2 Saturators dissolve carbon dioxide into beer to create carbonation. Carbonation gives beer a refreshing taste and extends its shelf life.
  2. Adjusting beer flavor: CO2 Saturators can be used to adjust the flavor of beer. Carbon dioxide can mask bitterness in beer and enhance its sweetness and acidity.
  3. Enhancing beer stability: CO2 Saturators improve beer stability. Carbon dioxide helps beer maintain clarity and prevents it from spoiling.

When using CO2 Saturators, several aspects need attention

  1. CO2 dosage: The amount of CO2 affects beer carbonation levels and flavor. Generally, beer carbonation levels should be controlled between 2.5% and 3.5%.
  2. CO2 pressure: CO2 pressure influences the solubility of CO2 in beer. Typically, CO2 pressure should be maintained between 2 and 3 bars.
  3. Beer temperature: Beer temperature impacts CO2 solubility. Generally, beer temperature should be controlled between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius.

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In conclusion, CO2 Saturators play a crucial role in beer production lines. By controlling CO2 solubility, they adjust beer carbonation levels, flavor, and stability, ensuring the production of high-quality beer products.

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