Automatic Linear Mineral Water Touchscreen Filling And Packaging Machine Sus304

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Automatic Linear Mineral Water Touchscreen Filling And Packaging Machine Sus304

Type: Filling Machine Condition: New
Application: Beverage, Chemical Industry, Food, Water/juice/beverage, Etc. Packing Type: Bottle
Packaging Materials: Glass, Metal, Plastic Drive Type: Electric
Place Of Origin: Zhangjiagang, China Brand Name: BestCrown
Certification: International Organization For Standardization After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support, Free Spare Parts, On-site Installation, Commissioning And Training, On-site Maintenance And Repair Services
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light: touchscreen mineral water packaging machine, touchscreen filling and packaging machine, sus304 filling and packaging machine

Automatic linear mineral water filling and packaging machine

It is specially designed and manufactured for high-speed packaging requirements of beverages (pure water, beverages, juices, dairy products). During the forward transportation of products, the products can be automatically grouped and packaged, saving time and improving packaging efficiency. Touch screen operation panel, friendly interface, convenient parameter setting and simple operation. It is an ideal packaging machine model.

Product technical attributes:

Product name: Automatic linear mineral water filling and packaging machine
Main material: SUS304/SUS316
Control:  Programmable controller
Process: filling, capping
Application bottle: glass/plastic bottle
Function: linear filling
Size (length * width * height): 2200*1400*2200mm
Weight: 2400 kg
Voltage: 380v/220v and can be customized according to customer requirements
Automatic level: Fully automatic


Main Features

(1)Simple structure ,easy in installation and maintation.
(2) Adopting advanced components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.
(3)When there is some change about the production line, just need to modify the software program..
(4)Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution
(5)Reducing a lot of labour and labour cost, more productive.


Filling drinking water, like mineral water,pure water ,and other non carbonated drink.
Suitable for plastic bottle .If you want to fill glass bottle ,contact with Customer servicer

HZM Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive liquid beverage packaging solution provider specializing in design, manufacturing, sales and service. It has been deeply involved in the packaging machinery industry for nearly 10 years. Its service areas are widely used in beverages, dairy products, and condiments. It is one of the manufacturers with the highest level of technology and the most complete varieties of equipment for the production of liquid beverages in many packaging industries in China, such as alcohol, daily chemicals.

Packing details

Q: What are the Properties of Your Beverage Production Lines?
A: Our beverage machinery adopts automatic operation system which greatly improves the performance and productivity of our packaging machines. They have properties of multifunction, standard design, modularization, digital control system, good compatibility, high accuracy, flexibility, and high working efficiency.

All these measures together enable us to provide high quality carbonated beverage production lines, can filling machines, juice production lines, tea filling machines, etc, at competitive prices.

Q: What are the Primary Products of Your Company?
A: Our products mainly include water production line, juice production line, tea production line, water filling machine, juice filling machine, tea filling machine, and more.

Q: Where is Your Beverage Machinery Applied to?
A: Our beverage production lines are extensively used for packaging of water, fruit juice, tea drinks, milk beverage, juice with grains, sodas, protein beverages, energy drinks, and more.

Q: Do Your Water Production Lines Meet Environmental Protection Requirements?
A: Our water production lines are eco-friendly and energy-saving. They adopt advanced environmental protection technologies from Germany and Italy. All production procedures quite meet the standards of ISO9001: 2000.

Q: What Kind of After-sale Services does Your Company Provide?
A: Installation guides, device debugging and technical trainings are offered to our global customers to help them make full use of our water production lines, tea filling machines, beverage production lines, and other beverage machinery.

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