Carbon Dioxide CIP Soft Drink Mixer Large

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Carbon Dioxide CIP Soft Drink Mixer Large

Name: Carbonated Co2 Soft Drink Mixing Machine Small Scale Keyword: Soft Drink Mixing Machine
Model: HS6T-16T Brand: BestCrown
High Light: cip soft drink mixing machine, co2 soft drink mixing machine

This machine is used to mix carbon dioxide with various beverage liquids to produce carbonated beverages. The content of carbon dioxide can be adjusted freely according to customer requirements. Generally, it produces carbonated beverages such as lemonade, cola, juice, wine, sparkling wine, etc. We can customize the mixer of different capacity according to the customer's output

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1. Refined material using, precise processing:
All touching parts choose high quality stainless steel, Inner-outer all polishing, meet international beverage machinery standard;
2. Auto running, stable facility:
Electronic control for whole working process; Alarm device will work if any fault occurs;
3. Convenient operation and easy adjustment:
The operation just needs to start the button on turn according to the required procedures, and then you can achieve normal operation. There is no need to replace any parts, can adjust the production capacity and the mixture ratio of drink.
4. Mixing uniformity, the proportion is accurate:
Use flow meter to control liquid and CO2 ratio.
5. The structure is healthy and easy to clean:
The machine adopts a closed system made by stainless steel and has the CIP flavor cleaning equipment to clean the equipment and pipeline by the liquid antiseptic and hot water, and then to ensure the beverage made by the machine can meet the health requirements.


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