Fruit Juice Tea Drink 36000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Fruit Juice Tea Drink 36000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

Material: Stainless Steel Process: Aseptic Filling System
Applicable Products: Fruit Juice, Tea Drinks, Protein Drinks, Dairy Products, Etc. Filling Temperature: 4~35℃
Capacity Range: 15000BPH--36000BPH Model: GWJX06A / GWJX15A
Number Of Bottle Dumping Clip: 24 / 72 Number Of Bottle Rinsing Clip: 24 / 60
Number Of Filling Valve: 24 / 60 Number Of Capping Head: 8 / 15
Bottle Height (mm): 180-315 Quality (Kg): 10000 / 25000
High Light: 36000 BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine, 15000 BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine, SS 316 aseptic filling equipment

Fruit Juice Tea Drink 36000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

PET bottled beverage aseptic cold filling machine

The COP and SOP methods were used to clean and disinfect the internal and external surfaces of the equipment, and sterile air was used to maintain positive pressure in the filling environment to achieve a level 100 clean environment. CIP and SIP methods are used to clean and sterilize the material pipeline to ensure that the material after UHT sterilization is not contaminated and the final product meets the requirements of commercial sterility.

Specifications of Bottled Water Filling Machine


Number of Bottle Dumping Clip

Number of Bottle Rinsing Clip

Number of Filling Valve

Number of Capping Head

Capacity (BPH)

Bottle Size

Outline Dimensions (mm)

Quality (Kg)


Diameter (mm)

Height (mm)

Volume (ml)










7100x 2860x 3000


Split Type










11900 x8500x 3200


Split Type


The adoption of magnetic constant torque capping head helps ensure capping quality.
The inside of of pipeline and valve in contact with material meets the related sanitation standard.
Our aseptic cold filling line is modularly constructed for great flexibility. It combines the dumping machine, rinser, filler and capper into one unit, and the part above the table-board is full closed by shielding can.
The use of non-contact filling valve effectively prevents second pollution.
The imported electronic weighing sensor of filling valve ensures high measuring precision and makes it convenient to adjust product variety.
Transmission part of capping plunger chip uses heat shield device to effectively separate the pollution zone and clean zone.


Baiguan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive liquid beverage packaging solution provider specializing in design, manufacturing, sales and service. It has been deeply involved in the packaging machinery industry for nearly 10 years. Its service areas are widely used in beverages, dairy products, and condiments. It is one of the manufacturers with the highest level of technology and the most complete varieties of equipment for the production of liquid beverages in many packaging industries in China, such as alcohol, daily chemicals.


What are the Primary Products of Your Company?
Our products mainly include water production line, juice production line, tea production line, water filling machine, juice filling machine, tea filling machine, and more.

Where is Your Beverage Machinery Applied to?
Our beverage production lines are extensively used for packaging of water, fruit juice, tea drinks, milk beverage, juice with grains, sodas, protein beverages, energy drinks, and more.

What are the Properties of Your Beverage Production Lines?
Our beverage machinery adopts automatic operation system which greatly improves the performance and productivity of our packaging machines. They have properties of multifunction, standard design, modularization, digital control system, good compatibility, high accuracy, flexibility, and high working efficiency.

All these measures together enable us to provide high quality carbonated beverage production lines, can filling machines, juice production lines, tea filling machines, etc, at competitive prices.

Do Your Water Production Lines Meet Environmental Protection Requirements?
Our water production lines are eco-friendly and energy-saving. They adopt advanced environmental protection technologies from Germany and Italy. All production procedures quite meet the standards of ISO9001: 2000.

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