New trend of energy drinks cleaner, healthier and more powerful

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

According to foreign media reports, energy drink brands are working hard to develop cleaner, healthier, and more powerful products to meet growing consumer demand. This is the conclusion drawn by experts from Taisho Pharmaceutical and Kerry.


In an interview, Parth Patel, vice president of marketing and strategic planning for Kerry (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa), said that functional drinks are increasingly becoming a lifestyle product.


He observed that the number of energy drinks has increased. The function of beverage can filling lineis not only to increase energy, but also to provide attention, relieve stress and manage personal emotional health.


In addition, Patel also found that the demand for cleaner, healthier energy drinks is also rising, such as those with lower sugar content or natural ingredients.


Nobuyuki Hiraga of the public relations department of Taisho Pharmaceutical Company agreed: "In addition to the typical target groups such as students, athletes, and professionals who need additional energy, energy drinks are becoming a trend in various occasions, such as parties."


Kerry’s Patel added that consumers’ busy lifestyles create opportunities for energy drinks, providing stress relief and relaxation or other similar mood enhancements.


"Modern and busy lifestyles lead to increased stress and depressed mood. Stress and emotional health issues are the main reasons for low energy. This shows that consumers need new product solutions to improve emotional and mental health."



Clean and healthy


Patel said that consumers are also demanding healthier energy drinks, such as low-sugar products, which is largely caused by the government's increased publicity on the risk of obesity. According to him, the energy content of energy drinks may be 65% higher than soft drinks. Carbonated drink filling machine can meet the demands.


This is a concern for consumers: "They want energy-enhancing products, but not at the expense of health, such as heart palpitations and nervousness caused by weight gain caused by high caffeine content or high sugar levels."


For example, Japan’s Taisho Pharmaceutical Company recently launched Japan’s first caffeine-free energy drink Raizin, which contains the plant ingredient entra.


 New trend of energy drinks cleaner, healthier and more powerful

"In Japan, excessive caffeine intake is one of the social problems. By adding the new ingredient enXtra instead of caffeine, we respond to the needs of consumers who are concerned about excessive caffeine intake."


Patel said that for consumers who want to release energy for a long time, protein is also a potential source of slow energy release.


In addition to reducing sugar products, the demand for cleaner, natural and plant ingredients is also increasing.


He takes the Korean Bacchus energy drink as an example. The drink is made from Korean ginseng extract, taurine, royal jelly, vitamin B complex, inositol, and apple juice. In addition, Japan's Suntory Minami Alps Peaker Bitter energy drink contains guava extract, ginger and mint.


In a Kerry consumer survey covering 14 markets around the world, 40% of consumers prefer to buy healthy lifestyle products based on research or scientific data.


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