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Update:Aug, 28 /2023

As a leading manufacturer in the beverage packaging equipment sector, HZM Machinery continuously enhances its technological innovation capabilities and product quality, providing global customers with exceptional equipment and services. Whether you're an emerging food production company or an established industry player, HZM Machinery is your trustworthy partner.

Beverage Packaging Machine

Professional After-Sales Service:

HZM Machinery always prioritizes customer satisfaction. We boast an experienced and technically adept after-sales team, ready to address customer inquiries regarding equipment installation, debugging, maintenance, and more. Regardless of your location, we ensure prompt responses to maintain the efficiency of your production line.

Factory-Direct Pricing:

In the fiercely competitive market, HZM Machinery adheres to a factory-direct sales approach to offer customers competitive prices. By eliminating intermediary steps, we pass on cost benefits to customers, enabling you to obtain high-quality equipment while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Swift Deliveries:

Time is synonymous with efficiency, and we understand the urgent requirements of your projects. HZM Machinery has efficient production processes and inventory management systems in place, ensuring that equipment is manufactured swiftly, undergoes rigorous quality checks, and is promptly delivered to ensure your production processes remain unhindered.

OEM Customization Support:

Recognizing the unique needs of each customer, HZM Machinery welcomes your customization requirements. With a robust R&D team and advanced production equipment, we can personalize equipment according to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your production processes and product characteristics.

Diverse Product Solutions:

Our range of beverage packaging machine products covers several critical aspects:

  • Beverage Filling Machine: Ensuring precise liquid filling into containers, guaranteeing product consistency and hygiene.
  • Bottle Blowing Machine: Producing a variety of plastic bottles, catering to diverse beverage packaging needs.
  • Capping Machine: Securely sealing bottle caps to ensure product integrity and safety.
  • Bottle Labeling Machine: Adding unique identifiers to products, enhancing recognition and competitiveness.
  • Conveyor System: Efficiently transporting filled bottles, optimizing the production process.


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