Roll Fed Rotary Hot Glue Opp Labeling Machine SS304 480000BPH

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Roll Fed Rotary Hot Glue Opp Labeling Machine SS304 480000BPH

Name: Automatic Labeling Machine Material: Stainless Steel 304
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Voltage: 220V,380V
Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic Or Automatic Packaging Type: Bottles,cans
Type: Labeling Machine,bottles Labeler Driven Type: Electric
High Light: 480000bph opp labeling machine, ss304 opp labeling machine, hot glue opp bottle labeling machine

Stainless Steel Labeller 3Mpa Automatic Labeling Machine


Can Bottle Labeling Machine Automatic Stainless Steel Labeller


1. The wheel labeling way

2. The label of conveying volume label for standard round by the guide operation of labeling homework

3. Tag after for standard wheel, the sensor to be automatic detection I-MARK.

4. Once confirmed that electron optics position, modem automatic adjustment for standard wheel operation speed, then properly designated cut standard position

5. Tag after for standard to shear wheel in the standard of homework, then will cut good label into vacuum cups

6. The sensor detects the label on the suckers, label into plastic drum, glue homework

7. The conveyor belt conveyor and to the supply of container star wheel after proper arrangement, glue the tags in the roller area after first labeling and rely on the function of synchronous belt and perfect labeling home work.

Rotary OPP Labeling Machine
Technology Parameter:

Production speed: 30,000BPH

Labeling precision: ±1mm

Power: 12Kw

Weight: 2000Kg

Overall dimension: 4000*1600*1300mm



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