Sale of Large, Medium, and Small Bottle Air Conveyors

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Update:Jul, 12 /2023

Bottle Air Conveyor is a device that suspends empty bottles blown out by the bottle blowing machine onto bottle hanging plates and conveys them from the bottle blowing machine to the filling machine using the force of airflow generated by a fan. This article presents a comparison of the features, functions, and application ranges of large, medium, and small Bottle Air Conveyors in table format, to assist in selecting the appropriate equipment for specific requirements.

Bottle Air Conveyors

The table below outlines the features, functions, and application ranges of large, medium, and small Bottle Air Conveyors:

Type Features Function Application Range
Large Bottle Air Conveyor - High capacity, large volume - Efficiently conveys a large quantity of empty bottles - High-capacity production lines for beverages
Medium Bottle Air Conveyor - Moderate capacity, medium volume - Conveys a moderate quantity of empty bottles - Medium-small beverage production lines, small beverage factories, customized requirements
Small Bottle Air Conveyor - Low capacity, small volume - Conveys a small quantity of empty bottles, space-saving - Small beverage factories, small supermarkets, customized production requirements

Please note that the above table provides general examples of the features, functions, and application ranges of large, medium, and small Bottle Air Conveyors. Actual products may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific requirements. It is recommended to further communicate with the supplier to confirm the specific technical specifications and suitability for your needs.


Bottle Air Conveyors are vital equipment for transporting empty bottles from bottle blowing machines to filling machines. Depending on production requirements and scale, a suitable choice can be made between large, medium, and small Bottle Air Conveyors. Large equipment is suitable for high-capacity production lines, medium-sized equipment caters to medium-small production lines and customized demands, while small equipment is suitable for small beverage factories, small supermarkets, and production environments with limited space. Selecting the appropriate Bottle Air Conveyor can enhance production efficiency, ensure smooth bottle conveying, and further improve overall production line performance.

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