Sterile carbonated beverage production line drives quality upgrade

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Update:Apr, 29 /2023

Carbonated drinks have always occupied an important position in the food and beverage market, but the "unhealthy" label has always been with it. As people are more inclined to seek a relatively healthy balance in stimulating taste buds in recent years, beverages represented by fruit juice sparkling water have also become consumers' favorites. Facing the trend of consumption upgrading, sparkling water manufacturers are currently increasing their production capacity, and the introduction of aseptic carbonic acid production lines has also become an important driving force.

The taste of carbonated drinks seems to be difficult to define, because to a certain extent, people pay more attention to the "popping feeling" brought to the tip of the tongue by the action of carbon dioxide when drinking such drinks, while the slightly sweet feeling composed of sugar, flavors, pigments and other ingredients The sense of color and luster satisfies people's demand for sweet taste and bright colors of beverages on a basic level, but it also constitutes an unhealthy image of carbonated beverages in consumers' minds. Therefore, the main consumers of carbonated beverages have been concentrated on young consumers who love to pursue excitement.

However, as people's concept of health has been deepened in recent years, even goji berries in thermos cups have become standard equipment for young people. Rapid changes in consumer tastes have also led to a downturn in the carbonated beverage market. Although sugar-free carbonated drinks were launched later, the overall situation is not good. On the other hand, the fruit juice sparkling water category uses the combination of fruit juice, sparkling water, sugar substitutes and other raw materials to grasp the changing tastes of consumers and promote low-sugar and low-fat beverages. , Healthy and with the excitement and refreshment brought by the bubbles, it has won the favor of the market and gradually gained a firm foothold in the market.

Of course, looking at the current field of fruit juice sparkling water, in addition to successively launching innovative flavor products of white peach, Kaman orange, black grape, cucumber, green apple, strawberry and coconut, the more eye-catching is the The halo of the sterile line. The author noticed that although the food industry has accelerated the upgrading of standardized and automated production in recent years, and the food and beverage market is also full of various aseptic production lines, the number of aseptic carbonic acid production lines is not very good. The main reason is that Constrained by large investment in equipment, higher production costs and lack of growth vitality in the market.

However, with consumption upgrades in recent years and people willing to pay high prices for high-quality products, and with the support of aseptic technology, upstream food equipment companies have formed more stable and flexible aseptic carbonated or non-carbonated beverage production lines. The optimization of the production line for the category of fruit juice and sparkling water laid a solid foundation. It is reported that in April last year, a brand used a sterile production line to launch a variety of refreshing sparkling drinks such as fruit juices and rice wine; and in the Tianjin factory that was officially put into production by a certain beverage brand recently, a fully automatic aseptic carbonic acid production line was also introduced to achieve bubbles. The process of liquid treatment, filling, capping and packaging of water in a sterile environment improves the freshness and purity of drinks, and preserves the quality and freshness without adding preservatives.

In recent years, food consumption has paid more and more attention to cost performance. Although high quality and low price are good, high-quality products can also arouse people's enthusiasm for consumption, which means that high-quality products to meet high demand are becoming a reality. Based on this, actively using modern aseptic carbonic acid production lines to improve product quality will also meet consumer demand and bring production benefits in resource transformation.


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