The conveying form of the fruit conveying elevator

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Update:May, 01 /2023

Fruit conveying machines are commonly used for apples, oranges, persimmons, mangoes, peaches, and other fruits. They use a strip-shaped rubber belt with a blocking plate as a carrier and are suitable for improving the transportation of various materials in the food industry. The machine can be designed with a skirt seat according to customer requirements, mainly suitable for the transportation of small or powdery materials. The machine uses a transmission motor to drive the rubber sheet to rotate and achieve the purpose of transportation or improvement of materials. It can not only complete horizontal transportation but also inclined transportation. The inclination angle of inclined transportation is generally not greater than 45°. The detailed transportation mode can be selected by Jingjiang Weineng Machinery according to different working conditions of customers. The machine is processed using advanced foreign technology and has the advantages of compact structure, low noise, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and easy improvement. It is an ideal equipment for transporting and improving various granular and small scattered materials, fruits, and vegetables.


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