The Secret of Juice Beverage Production Equipment and Process Flow

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Update:May, 02 /2023

The juice production line is used for deep processing of various fruits to make delicious juice beverages. In recent years, the government has provided significant support for agricultural deep processing. Many fruits have gained greater added value after deep processing, such as pomegranate juice, seabuckthorn juice, blueberry juice, and more. Currently, fruits can be processed into concentrated juice, juice, and jam. Different products can be chosen based on the fruit characteristics and market positioning. Juice beverage production lines are currently divided into plastic bottle juice beverage production equipment, glass bottle juice beverage production equipment, canned juice beverage production equipment, Tetra Pak beverage production line equipment, and roof box beverage production equipment.

The Secret of Juice Beverage Production Equipment and Process Flow

The juice beverage production line uses crushing and juicing machines and double-beat machines for extracting juice from fresh fruits. Hard and crisp fruits like apples, pears, and cantaloupes are more suitable for juicing machines, while soft fruits like mangoes, peaches, and blueberries are more suitable for beating equipment. Vegetable and fruit composite beverages are also becoming more popular, like the Farmer's Orchard vegetable and fruit composite beverage, which adds nutritious vegetables such as tomato and carrot juice to fruit juice. Picked peaches can be made into beverages or dried peaches. Before beating, they are equipped with a spiral pre-cooking machine to soften the peaches and increase the juice yield. After juicing, it is necessary to immediately heat and inactivate the enzyme's activity to prevent the original juice from oxidizing and browning, which affects the juice's color and taste. The double-beat machine separates the juice, core, and fruit skin, and the coarse juice is further refined by colloid mill or vibrating screen filtration, depending on the fruit type. It is then immediately filled using aseptic UHT tube sterilization or filled in aseptic barrels and sealed for 1-2 years, used for beverage production when blending.

The juice beverage production process includes fresh fruit - washing - fruit selection - spraying - fruit inspection - preheating - juicing - filtration - clarification - filtration - blending - sterilization - aseptic filling - tunnel sterilization - cooling - drying - packaging. The juice beverage production equipment includes washing (washing machine) - fruit inspection (fruit inspection machine) - crushing (crushing machine) - beating (beating machine) - juicing (juicing machine) - filtration (filter) - concentration (concentrator) - blending (blending tank) - sterilization (sterilization machine) - aseptic storage (aseptic storage tank) - aseptic filling - secondary sterilization machine - labeling machine - spray coder - automatic packaging machine - palletizing machine.


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