The Overview of Water Treatment Systems in Filling Systems

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

We have been drinking pure water for many years, so it is conceivable that this bucket of pure water is used to install equipment for purifying pure water. It takes some systematic processes to get our drinking water standards. The raw water can be obtained through several parts of the pretreatment system, reverse osmosis system, sterilization system, filling system and auxiliary system. Everyone can rest assured. Barreled pure water equipment is the equipment for producing barreled pure water. We drink pure water for so many years. Let's see the working principle and process of pure water equipment in water treatment systems.


1. Raw water treatment system

a. Raw water tank: The raw water tank is mainly connected to the back of the water source, and it has a buffer effect. Because the pressure and flow of most of our water sources cannot meet the requirements for entering pure water equipment, first, the municipal water supply pipe or well water. The water pipe is connected to the water tank, which can provide enough water for the water purification equipment behind.

b. Raw water pump: The water supply pressure of the pretreatment and purification water equipment system stabilizes the water supply. The main function is to provide pressure for the subsequent pretreatment system, so that the pretreatment system is in the process of filtering, backwashing, forward washing and softening Have plenty of motivation.


2. The pretreatment system

The setup of the pretreatment system can improve the water supply conditions, meet the water inlet requirements of the ultrafiltration system, protect the RO or other membranes of the water purification equipment and extend the membrane's service life. In this water treatment system, we have determined the pretreatment system of raw water pump + multi + media filter + activated carbon filter + security filter.


3. Reverse osmosis system

a. Precision filter: used to trap a small amount of mechanical impurities leaked from the pretreatment system. The cylinder body is made of engineering plastic or SUS304 material with PPF filter element inside. Polypropylene filter element is a kind of deep filter element with high efficiency and low resistance.

b. High pressure pump: The pressure pump can be said to play a very important role in the entire system. Water is passed through the reverse osmosis membrane by very high pressure.

c. Reverse osmosis membrane: The osmosis membrane is the core of the entire equipment. Played a pivotal role. Only the water coming out of this device is pure water. Then the water that can't come out under pressure.

 The Overview of Water Treatment Systems in Filling Systems

4. Sterilization system

Sterilization equipment, as a necessary means to produce pure water, mainly kills some bacteria and viruses in the water. The ultraviolet sterilization system and ozone sterilization system are used.

a. Ultraviolet sterilizer: The principle is that the nucleic acid in the bacteria absorbs the energy of ultraviolet rays, causing the structure of the nucleic acid to change and the function to be lost, thereby causing the death of the bacteria.

b. Ozone generator: The germicidal effect of ozone is that it has a strong oxidation effect. It can not only kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, but also kill bacterial spores. The combination of ozone and ultraviolet rays can completely kill various pathogens and microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.,

5. Filling system

a. Pure water tank: As the name suggests, this equipment is mainly used to hold the produced pure water in water filling line.

b. Vat water filling machine: This machine is mainly used to fill vat water with pure water. Can fill 200-300 barrels per hour. Divided into different models. This filler includes a heat shrink film function.



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