What is the Procedure for New Mineral Water Plant?

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

The operation of a mineral water plant is a profitable business and you can start with a low investment. Here you will find a detailed business guide on how to start a mineral water plant.

Water bottles usually come in different varieties based on the water content in them. In this rapidly moving population, mineral water is easier to sell, and small mineral water plants are a profitable business.

Then, how to start a new mineral water plant?

Registrations & Licenses for Mineral Water Plant 

Before starting a mineral water plant, you must obtain some necessary certificates and licenses from government agencies. The licenses and certificates required for the business may varies, so it's better to understand the specific requests.

If you start a mineral water plant manufacturing business as a "one-person company", you must register your company as the owner.

Area Required for Drinking Water Plant

In each enterprise, the choice of location is a very important task. The location required for a mineral water plant is at least 1,000 square feet.

You can pide the manufacturing area into two parts, one for machinery and treatment for water, and the other for treated mineral water bottles for storing raw materials and toys.

While selecting the area for the business make sure that the area location is easily accessible to the target market, and the most important is that the area location must have enough source of water and energy supply.

When choosing a region for your business, make sure your target market has easy access to the region. Most importantly, the region must have enough water and energy supplies.

 What is the Procedure for New Mineral Water Plant?

Necessary Equipment

If you want to start a plant of water treatment, you first need a water treatment machine to filter the water first , then the water filling machines of liquids, like beverages, hot tea, juice, wine, and so on, then, you need a shrink wrapping machine and labelling machine to make water bottles well, then, you will have a whole series of machines of water plant, for all these machines i mentioned, they are all automatically, so you will save your cost much, and easy to find.

If you want to start a water treatment plant, you first need to use a water treatment system to filter the water, then you need to use a liquid filler (such as beverages, hot tea, juice, wine, etc.), and then you need to shrink the packaging machine and labeling machine to make the water bottle ready. Then, you will have a complete set of water filling line.


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