What are the Advantages of Automatic Water Filling Machine?

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Update:Mar, 24 /2023

The automatic water filling machine is a widely used packaging machine that offers a number of advantages to the packaging industry. Such a machine eliminates the manual work of filling bottles. When production reaches a certain level, it becomes necessary to use a filling machine. Below are the most common advantages of an automatic water filling machine.

1. Higher production rate

The use of an automatic filling machine allows packaging companies to increase the speed of production. Whether high viscosity products or free-flowing products, the automatic filling machine can fill several containers at each cycle. These machines are equipped with turntables for loading empty bottles and volumetric doses for filling bottles. The production or filling rat can reach the filling speed of up to 130 bottles in one minute with sixteen filling heads.

2. Better production with versatility

Automatic water bottling machines are not always designed to fill a single product or a single type of container. Rather, it can handle containers of various shapes and sizes. In addition, some machines are capable of filling thin and thick liquids. The versatility of these machines makes it easier for companies who have to fill and pack several products in different containers.

 What are the Advantages of Automatic Water Filling Machine?

3. Maintaining consistency

When containers are manually filled with products, the amount of product is likely to vary. Filling machines that contain dosing devices reduce the risk of quantity variations. In addition to speed, the filling machines ensure constant and reliable filling during each cycle. No matter the weight, volume, level or any other measure, the fillers maintain reliability during filling.

4. Machine customization

The filling machines are customizable and scalable according to the needs of the packaging company. Automatic filling machines are equipped with four, six or eight filling heads and their number can be increased according to the increasing production demand. A maximum of sixteen filling heads can be placed on the nozzle bar. The limits and maximum speed of different machines can vary depending on factors such as the shape and size of the bottles and the type of product.

5. No operator requirement

Automatic filling machines eliminate the need for operator interaction. Although setting up the operation seems long, it only takes a simple manual adjustment to switch from one bottle to another. A central touch screen interface allows you to adjust the filling time, the pump speed and the indexing time. When these are set, an operator need not manage the function. With these potential benefits, a packaging company can improve production based on growing market needs.


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