12000BPH Pure Water Filling Line Debugging Successfully Completed

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Update:Dec, 28 /2023

In late February, upon the arrival of the equipment at the Ethiopian factory, our customer, guided by our instructions, completed preliminary preparations for installation. As a reputable pure water making machine supplier, our dedicated team was dispatched to the local area to conduct installation and commissioning work. Despite the challenging circumstances of the epidemic, our engineers underwent special protective training to ensure a seamless process without disrupting the customer's operations.

 12000BPH Pure Water Filling Line Debugging Successfully Completed

In response to our company's requirements, the customers demonstrated exceptional cooperation by preparing protective supplies and conducting daily factory disinfection. After over 20 days of intensive effort, the installation was successfully completed, transitioning into the phase of staff training and trial production.

Our commissioner promptly visited the customer's factory to oversee commissioning and provide comprehensive training on machine operation. Within half a day, the customer gained proficiency in operating the machine and acquired the skills to independently address routine setup issues. We are confident that the more they utilize our pure water filling machine, the higher their satisfaction will be.

 12000BPH Pure Water Filling Line Debugging Successfully Completed

HZM Machinery stands as a comprehensive professional water filling machine manufacturer, seamlessly integrating development, manufacturing, and sales. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by the introduction of cutting-edge CNC processing equipment from the United States, Japan, and other regions. Currently, our equipment is exported to over 30 regions and countries worldwide. We welcome more friends to engage in negotiations and consultations, assuring the best equipment and services.

 12000BPH Pure Water Filling Line Debugging Successfully Completed

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