What is a CIP cleaning system?

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Update:May, 14 /2024

CIP cleaning system

CIP cleaning system, also known as Clean In Place system, refers to a safe and automatic cleaning system that can be achieved through simple operation methods without dismantling production equipment. This system has been introduced into almost all food, beverage, and pharmaceutical factories for cleaning machines and controlling microorganisms.

The CIP cleaning system mainly consists of acid tanks, alkali tanks, water tanks, concentrated acid/alkali drums, heating systems, diaphragm pumps, high and low-level sensors, online acid/alkali concentration detectors, and PLC touchscreen control systems. Among them, the acid tanks, alkali tanks, and water tanks are insulated tanks, and the acid/alkali tanks are also equipped with mixing systems.

The working principle of the CIP cleaning system is based on physical, chemical, and biological principles. During the cleaning process, the cleaning solution needs to have a certain degree of fluidity and impact force to flush out dirt and impurities through the interior of the equipment and pipelines. At the same time, cleaning agents such as alkaline cleaners, acid cleaners, and oxidizing agents are added to the cleaning solution, which can dissolve, decompose, or oxidize dirt and impurities, thereby improving the cleaning effect.

The advantages of the CIP cleaning system include rationalizing production plans and improving production capacity, preventing dangers during cleaning operations, saving labor, conserving cleaning agents, steam, water, and production costs, and increasing the service life of machine parts. This system is widely used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, especially in food and beverage production enterprises with a high degree of mechanization.

Please note that when using the CIP cleaning system, it is necessary to select appropriate cleaning agents based on the cleaning objects and dirt characteristics of the equipment, and control their concentration and cleaning time to achieve the best cleaning effect. At the same time, it is also important to comply with relevant operating procedures and safety regulations to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning process.

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