Working Principle and Detailed Operation of the Fully Automatic Glass Bottle Vacuum Capping Machine

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Update:May, 21 /2024

Fully Automatic Glass Bottle Vacuum Capping Machine

Working Principle

The fully automatic glass bottle vacuum capping machine is designed specifically for metal caps (such as tinplate caps, can caps, chili sauce metal caps, etc.). In practical applications, it is usually connected with packaging machinery, filling machinery, and other equipment through a conveyor belt to form a complete production line. Its working principle mainly involves the following steps:

Positioning and Fixing

When the glass bottle container reaches the capping machine via the conveyor belt, pneumatic devices on both sides of the machine will fix the container, ensuring that only one bottle enters the capping position at a time.

Cap Pushing and Vacuum Extraction

When the bottle reaches the capping position, the cap feeder pushes a corresponding cap to the underside of the capping plate, and vacuum extraction begins. During this process, other bottles will not enter the working area.


Glass Bottle Vacuum Capping Machine

Once the vacuum reaches the set value, the capping head starts rotating. The friction between the capping plate and the cap transmits the capping torque, screwing the cap along the bottle mouth thread.

Reset and Cycle

After capping is completed, the vacuum chamber connects to the atmosphere, returning to normal pressure. All devices reset, waiting for the next bottle to be capped.

Specific Operation

Startup Preparation

Check whether all parts of the equipment are in good condition, turn on the power, and carry out necessary preheating and adjustments.

Bottle Loading

Place the glass bottles filled with material on the conveyor belt, ensuring the bottles stably enter the capping machine.


The equipment automatically completes positioning, fixing, cap pushing, vacuum extraction, and capping operations.


After capping, manually check the capping effect to ensure there are no leaks or misalignments.

Bottle Unloading

Remove the capped bottles from the output area for the next step of packaging or storage.


The HZM mechanical can vacuum capping machine boasts high automation, simple and quick operation, sensitive sensing devices, high capping efficiency, good sealing effect, and minimal error. It is a very popular and widely used metal cap vacuum capping equipment on the market.

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