15000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine For Aerated Juice

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

15000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine For Aerated Juice

Material: Stainless Steel Process: Pressure Filling System
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Type: Filling Machine
Applicable Products: Fruit Juice, Tea Drinks, Protein Drinks, Dairy Products, Etc. Filling Temperature: 4~35℃
Capacity Range: 15000BPH--36000BPH Filling Valve: Adopt Imported Flow Meter Valve/imported Electronic Weighing Valve According To Customer Needs
High Light: 15000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine, 36000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine, 15000BPH Aerated Juice Aseptic Filling Machine

15000BPH Aseptic Cold Filling Machine For Aerated Juice

Aseptic Cold Filling Machine For PET Bottle Aerated Juice

HZM has developed our aseptic cold filling line with the advantages of similar foreign products. Our aseptic cold filling line uses aseptic isolation technology to ensure the sterility of filling materials, packaging environment and packaging containers. Reliable sterilization methods are used to sterilize empty bottles and caps.

In addition, the utilization of COP and SOP ensures the asepsis of the equipment inside and outside surface and the adoption of aseptic compressed air ensures the positive pressure of filling environment for clean room environment. What's more, CIP cleaning and SIP sterilizing are used to clean and sterilize the material pipeline, which prevents the material sterilized by UHT from being polluted, thus ensuring the asepsis of final products.
Specifications of Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

Model Number of Bottle Dumping Clip Number of Bottle Rinsing Clip Number of Filling Valve Number of Capping Head Capacity (BPH)

Bottle Size

Outline Dimensions (mm) Quality (Kg) Remark
Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Volume (ml)
GWJX06A 24 24 24 6 2500(2500ml) Φ60-Φ115 180-315 250-2500 7200x 2900x 3000 10000 Split Type
GWJX09A 36 36 36 9 15000(250ml) Φ60-Φ95 180-315 250-1500 7200x 2900x 3000 10000 Split Type
GWJX10A 40 40 40 10 15000(500ml) Φ60-Φ95 180-315 250-1500 8500x 3500x 3500 12000 Split Type
GWJX15A 72 60 60 15 24000(500ml) Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 11900 x8500x 3200 25000 Split Type

1. Our aseptic cold filling line is modularly constructed for great flexibility. It combines the dumping machine, rinser, filler and capper into one unit, and the part above the table-board is full closed by shielding can.
2. The imported electronic weighing sensor of filling valve ensures high measuring precision and makes it convenient to adjust product variety.
3. Transmission part of capping plunger chip uses heat shield device to effectively separate the pollution zone and clean zone.
4. The adoption of magnetic constant torque capping head helps ensure capping quality.
5. Our aseptic cold filling line is equipped with centralized lubrication system.

6. Automatic control of CIP and SIP operations is realized.


Quality Control

To guarantee the excellent performance of our beverage production lines and beverage machinery, we introduce advanced technology from Germany and Italy, and constantly improve our production technology of liquid filling. Apart from that, free trainings are offered to our employees to help them improve technical skills. In addition, we strongly believe that beverage production lines and beverage machines with high pass rate and reliable quality can effectively reduce production cost. Thus, we strictly implement product inspection in every step of production, from raw material acquisition to shipping our finished products, to ensure the quality and pass rate. Besides, much attention is also placed on perfect management system and high quality employees for a higher working efficiency.

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