Juice Milk Tea Bottle 200ml Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Juice Milk Tea Bottle 200ml Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

Material: Stainless Steel Process: Flow Meter Filling System
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Type: Filling Machine
Filling Valve: Flow Meter Valve Or Customer Needs Capacity: 15000bph-36000bph
Applicable Bottle Type: 200ml-1500ml Application: Juice/ Milk/ Tea
Function: Aesptic Filling Machine
High Light: 200ml Aseptic Cold Filling Machine, 1500bph Aseptic Cold Filling Machine, 200ml Juice Aseptic Filling Machine

Juice Milk Tea Bottle 200ml Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

CIP , SIP , COP , SOP Systems Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

HZM developed our aseptic cold filling line on basis of the advantages of the similiar foreign products. Our aseptic cold filling line adopts aseptic isolation technology to ensure the asepsis of filling material, packing environment and packaging containers. Reliable sterilizing method is used to sterilize empty bottles and caps. In addition, the utilization of COP and SOP ensures the asepsis of the equipment inside and outside surface and the adoption of aseptic compressed air ensures the positive pressure of filling environment for clean room environment. What's more, CIP cleaning and SIP sterilizing are used to clean and sterilize the material pipeline, which prevents the material sterilized by UHT from being polluted, thus ensuring the asepsis of final products.
Specifications of Bottled Water Filling Machine


Number of Bottle Dumping Clip

Number of Bottle Rinsing Clip

Number of Filling Valve

Number of Capping Head

Capacity (BPH)

Bottle Size

Outline Dimensions (mm)

Quality (Kg)


Diameter (mm)

Height (mm)

Volume (ml)










7100x 2860x 3000


Split Type











11900 x8500x 3200


Split Type

1. Our aseptic cold filling line is modularly constructed for great flexibility. It combines the dumping machine, rinser, filler and capper into one unit, and the part above the table-board is full closed by shielding can.
2. The rinsing machine can wash the inside and outside of the empty bottle by aseptic water. Dripping is also available.
3. The use of non-contact filling valve effectively prevents second pollution.
4. The imported electronic weighing sensor of filling valve ensures high measuring precision and makes it convenient to adjust product variety.
5. Transmission part of capping plunger chip uses heat shield device to effectively separate the pollution zone and clean zone.
6. The adoption of magnetic constant torque capping head helps ensure capping quality.
7. Our aseptic cold filling line is equipped with centralized lubrication system.
8. Automatic control of CIP and SIP operations is realized.
9. The inside of of pipeline and valve in contact with material meets the related sanitation standard.


As a aseptic cold filling line manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, we at HZM can provide customers quality built products at a smart price. In order to ensure each customers find the product their require, we also provide other beverage production line, including water production line, juice production line, tea drink production line etc. Because our products are reliable, durable and economical, they are CE certified and are in great demand by customers from the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Kenya, Egypt, Japan, among other countries.
Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in any of our drinking machines! We look forward to working with you.

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