Ethiopian Gold Water 36,000BPH Pure Water Bottling Line Put Into Production

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Update:Jun, 02 /2023

After more than a month of intensive construction by our engineers, the new production line of Gold Water factory has been successfully put into use. The production line began to enter the installation stage in December last year. Up to now, it has been fully completed and put into production.

The design capacity of the production line is 36,000 bottles per hour, which can be compatible with 330ml to 2,000ml bottles. The whole line is a fully automatic production line and adopts the most advanced energy-saving technology in China to save energy consumption for users. With this production line put into use, gold water plant has a production capacity of 65,000 bottles per hour, far exceeding other competitors in the same period.

At the same time, Gold Water also ordered a 32,000 bottle carbonated beverage production line from our company. At present, it is in the assembly and manufacturing stage and will be delivered to customers in the first half of this year; We will continue to grow together with users.

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