How to Solve the Problem that the Liquid Filling Machine is not Fill Correctly?

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Update:Apr, 25 /2023

In the daily chemical industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries, the use of liquid filling machines is very common, and the use is also very wide, but if there is no assurance of the use of raw materials, how to solve it?

 How to Solve the Problem that the Liquid Filling Machine is not Fill Correctly

1. Speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve is not closed, throttle valve can not be closed.

2. Fast install three-pass control valve is not foreign body, if so, please tidy up, fast install three-pass control valve and filling head is not air in the skin tube, if there is air, as far as possible to reduce or clean the air.

3. Check the liquid filling machine to see if all sealing rings are damaged. If there is any damage, replace it with a new one.

4. Fill the mouth valve core whether there is a clamping appearance or delayed opening, if there is a clamping, the core should be installed from the beginning of the position. If delayed opening, need to adjust thin cylinder throttle valve.

5. Fast install three-way control valve up and down tighten the elastic spring, elastic over the large check valve will not open.

6. Filling speed is not too fast, adjust filling speed throttle valve, drop filling speed.

7. All the clamps, leather buckles can be sealed well, if possible, please correct.

8. The magnetic switch of liquid filling equipment is loose, please lock up after each adjustment.

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