Comprehensive Service Solution for Glass Bottle Beverage Filling Equipment

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Update:Apr, 23 /2023

The glass bottle beverage production line is suitable for filling various types of beverages, including juice, soy milk products, carbonated drinks, soda, mineral water, purified water, and other bottled glass bottles. The rinsing, filling, and capping functions are combined in one body, and the back-end packaging can choose to label or sleeve according to requirements, with PE film packaging or cardboard packaging, and the entire process is fully automated.

Comprehensive Service Solution for Glass Bottle Beverage Filling Equipment

Introduction of the production line

The glass bottle filling equipment is mainly used for beverage filling operations, including glass bottle beverage production lines. This machine combines the functions of rinsing, filling, and capping in one body, and the entire process is fully automated. It is suitable for filling juice, mineral water, purified water in PET bottles and plastic bottles, and with temperature control device, it can also perform hot filling.

The adjustment of the applicable bottle type for each part is achieved by turning the handle, which is easy and convenient. The new micro-pressure filling method is adopted, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable. Therefore, compared with machines of the same specifications, the production capacity of this machine is higher and the benefits are greater.

The advanced OMRON programmable controller (PLC) is used to control the automatic operation of the machine. The bottle inlet chain adopts a frequency converter to adjust, and cooperates with the main machine frequency converter to make the bottle inlet operation more stable and reliable.

The photoelectric detection of each component's operating status makes the automation level high and the operation simple. On this basis, the filling part of the machine can be changed to form a low vacuum filling method.

The low vacuum filling method is suitable for glass bottles, filling alcoholic beverages, soy sauce, and other materials. The sealing method can be equipped with aluminum metal anti-theft caps and plastic caps. It is an ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers.


The complete set of fruit juice production line for fruit juice beverage production equipment has been put into production in many fruit planting bases, such as mango, kiwi, peach, hawthorn, passion fruit, etc. The juicing method of different types of fruits is quite different. Therefore, compared with bottled water and carbonated drinks, the processing technology of this kind of original fruit juice beverage is quite complex. A complete original fruit juice beverage production line includes pure water production system, original fruit juice extraction, filtration, ingredient addition, homogenization, deaeration, sterilization system, fully automatic bottle blowing machine, empty bottle air conveyor, fruit juice beverage hot filling machine, automatic capping machine, bottle cap disinfection equipment, finished product conveying, bottle overturning sterilization machine, spray sterilization and cooling equipment, strong air drying machine, laser coding machine, labeling machine, and carton packaging machine. Our company has the strength to provide a complete set of fruit juice beverage production line equipment. The above is an explanation of the PET small bottle fruit juice beverage production line. According to the actual needs of the manufacturer, equipment for small to large-scale fruit juice production lines can be provided, divided into the following levels: small-scale 2000 bottles/hour, 4000 bottles/hour, 6000 bottles/hour, 10000 bottles/hour, 15000 bottles/hour, 20000-36000 bottles/hour.

Material and structure

The complete set of fruit juice beverage production line equipment is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and contains a rinsing mechanism, a hot filling mechanism, and a capping machine, etc.

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