Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Solution

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Update:Apr, 23 /2023

Carbonated beverage filling equipment is used for filling sweetened drinks containing carbon dioxide, commonly known as "carbonated drinks" or "carbonated beverages". They typically consist of water, sweeteners, acidulants, flavors, colors, carbon dioxide gas, and other auxiliary materials. Such beverages, including soda, cola, carbonated juice drinks, beer, etc., are the main equipment in carbonated beverage production lines, especially those with high carbonation levels.

Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Solution

Three-in-One Filling Machine

The three-in-one filling machine integrates washing, filling, and sealing into one unit and is suitable for hot filling production of various fruit juices and tea beverages. With minimal replacement of parts, it can also be used for filling purified water and mineral water. The production capacity ranges from 5,000 to 24,000 bottles per hour and can be selected by users. It adopts advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, which is fast, stable, and accurate, with a perfect material reflux system. It can also independently refill gas during reflux, reducing secondary pollution and oxidation of materials.


Cap Sterilization Machine

The cap sterilization machine is used to kill microorganisms on products, packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging aids, and packaging components, reducing them to acceptable levels. It is a specialized laboratory research and development organization for various colleges and production units to obtain experimental data. It includes a set of sleeve-type sterilization systems and a set of plate-type sterilization systems, which are used for continuous sterilization processes of fruit and vegetable pulp, juice, concentrated juice, milk, juice drinks, or similar products.


Bottle Warmer

The bottle warmer is used for hot filling of heat-resistant polyester tea beverages, hot filling of polyester bottle carbonated beverages, etc. It can cool the high-temperature filled tea beverages to 36-40℃, warm up the low-temperature filled carbonated beverages to 36-40℃, remove the condensation water on the surface of the polyester bottle, and keep the bottle body dry and clean for easy labeling, packaging, and boxing. The production capacity ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 bottles per hour, with a spraying time of approximately 15-20 minutes.


Bottle Conveyor System

The bottle conveyor system is suitable for automatic transportation, distribution, and downstream packaging of empty and filled bottles, cans, aluminum cans, and various containers for food and beverages.


Robot Palletizer

The robot palletizer consists of a flattening conveyor, a buffering conveyor, a turning conveyor, a pallet warehouse, a pallet conveyor, a grouping machine, a bag pushing device, a stacking device, and a pallet conveyor.

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