What should be paid attention to when purchasing food-specific filling machines?

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Update:Apr, 21 /2023

The success of a product is closely related to its packaging, making the production stage crucial for manufacturing companies. For beverage companies in the food industry, choosing an efficient, multifunctional, and low-consumption filling machine is particularly important. So, what should beverage manufacturers pay attention to when choosing and purchasing filling equipment?

What should be paid attention to when purchasing food-specific filling machines

  1. Choose the appropriate filling machine based on the product's characteristics. While many manufacturers prefer to use one filling machine for all their products, it's important to note that a compatible machine doesn't always perform better than a specialized one. However, you can still discuss your requirements with the manufacturer to find a compromise. Additionally, machines designed for different filling ranges have varying prices, so it's best to choose a dedicated filling machine if there's a significant difference in the product's filling range.
  2. Opt for a machine that's easy to operate. With the trend towards CNC machinery, automated filling machines have become more prevalent. Compared to traditional liquid filling equipment, these machines are much easier to operate and can even feature one-touch filling options. This not only increases productivity but also saves labor costs. When purchasing a filling machine, consider your company's production scale and capacity to plan for the appropriate automation level.
  3. Plan a budget for the equipment beforehand. The quality of domestically produced filling machines has improved significantly, and some machines are just as good as their imported counterparts. However, higher quality often comes with a higher price tag, as different products require different technical specifications and features. Therefore, food companies must have a clear plan and budget for their desired filling equipment to find a suitable and cost-effective solution.
  4. Prioritize reputable, large-scale filling equipment brands. Filling machines are consumable machinery, and the quality of the consumables directly affects the machine's performance. Choosing a low-quality machine can result in wasted packaging materials, which can have a significant impact on production costs. By choosing reliable, high-quality filling machines from reputable brands, businesses can improve their product's packaging efficiency, quality, and stability while reducing energy consumption, labor costs, and waste.
  5. Conduct on-site tests with product samples. Details can make or break a machine's quality, so it's important to inspect the filling machine in person and test it with product samples. This will help you better understand the machine's quality and make an informed purchase decision.

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