Application of Juice Beverage Filling Machine in the Industry

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Update:Apr, 25 /2023

The juice beverage filling machine (fully automatic beverage filling production line) produces delicious and refreshing beverages using fully automatic hot filling equipment, which are sweet and beneficial for long-term health. Nowadays, there are many types of packaging for juice drinks, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans. It is recommended to make fresh fruit juice drinks without adding any additives such as preservatives. Blueberry juice is a seasonal fruit that needs to be frozen after picking and thawed before production. The processing technology and process for blueberry juice are similar to the popular seabuckthorn juice drinks.

Many fruit plantations have started producing beverages, such as mango, kiwi, yellow peach, hawthorn, passion fruit, and others. The juice extraction process for different types of fruits is different, making the processing technology for this kind of fruit juice beverage quite complex compared to bottled water and carbonated beverages. The market demand for such raw fruit juice drinks is high, as people are increasingly concerned about the healthiness of their beverages.

A complete production line for raw fruit juice beverages includes a pure water production system, fruit juice extraction and filtering, ingredient mixing, homogenization, degassing, sterilization system, fully automatic bottle blowing machine, empty bottle air conveyance, juice beverage hot filling machine, automatic cap placing machine, bottle cap disinfection equipment, finished product transportation, bottle inversion sterilization machine, spray sterilization and cooling equipment, high-pressure drying machine, laser coding machine, labeling machine, and carton packaging machine.

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