How to choose the right filling machine?

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Update:Apr, 19 /2023

Currently, there are many types and brands of filling machines, and different materials require different filling machines. So, how can we choose the appropriate filling machine?

How to choose the right filling machine?

1、Product stability: Stability directly affects packaging accuracy and product quality. Choosing a high-quality and stable filling machine, testing the machine first, and confirming the purchase after running for a period of time can ensure that the selected equipment can truly supervise the packaging work, ensuring stable control of packaging accuracy and quality.


2、Automation level: A good filling machine should have a high level of automation, which can achieve full automation without the need for technical personnel to supervise and operate it constantly. Moreover, enterprise technical personnel only need to master some key data to operate it, which is very convenient and efficient.


3、Mechanical materials for product selection: Considering that some materials contain chemical components, higher requirements for mechanical materials need to be put forward during the equipment selection process to avoid reactions occurring between the material and the filling machine during the filling process.


4、Determine your own needs: First, determine what products need to be filled and choose filling machine equipment based on actual situations. Many users hope that one filling equipment can package all their products. However, dedicated machines often have better filling effects than compatible machines. This is only for reference, and you can coordinate with the manufacturer. Different filling ranges have different prices, so if the filling range of the products is significantly different, it is best to use separate machines for filling.


Choosing suitable filling machine equipment is crucial. When selecting a filling machine, it is important to base it on actual situations, and the one that suits you is the best.

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