The common classifications of filling machines are 3 types.

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Update:Apr, 28 /2023
  1. Linear Filling Machine

Linear Filling Machine

The linear filling machine is a common equipment in filling lines, and it has the earliest and most comprehensive application and mature technology among filling equipment. It is widely used in filling pastes, powders, and granules. The linear filling machine adopts a good assembly line method, and its production and filling process is relatively simple. Based on similar foreign products, the linear filling equipment has been improved in design and additional functions have been added. This makes the product more convenient and simple to use in terms of operation, accuracy, installation, cleaning, maintenance, and other aspects.

  1. Vertical Liquid Filling Machine

Vertical Liquid Filling Machine

The vertical liquid filling machine is usually a semi-automatic piston filling machine, which is less technologically advanced than fully automatic equipment. It uses a piston to extract and fill materials through circular motion and ordinary spring switch control. The filling amount is adjusted by controlling the cylinder. The material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel material, which meets the requirements of GMP. It is suitable for liquid filling of washing liquids, care liquids, oral liquids, hair care liquids, hand sanitizers, skin care liquids, disinfectants, foundation liquids, antifreeze liquids, shampoos, eye drops, nutrient solutions, injections, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, shower gels, perfumes, edible oils, lubricants, and special industries.

  1. Vacuum Filling Machine

Vacuum Filling Machine

Vacuum equipment is a less commonly used equipment in terms of application and sales volume. Its application scope is mainly for some chemical and pharmaceutical products, and its scope is limited, so it is not very obvious in market competition. The vacuum filling machine is suitable for containers with a small opening and the liquid expansion stress inside the opening should be greater than the liquid static pressure, that is, the liquid will not flow out by itself when the container is inverted.

Filling machines are outstanding products in the development of modern packaging machinery, and their application of automation technology has reached the world's top level.

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