Filter Treatment Purification System Ss316 Reverse Osmosis Equipment

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Filter Treatment Purification System Ss316 Reverse Osmosis Equipment

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Filter treatment purification system filter reverse osmosis reverse osmosis equipment

Silica sand filter inside fill media is: Silica sand.
Characteristic: Water get through filter inside fill stuff, filter remove water inside suspended material, organic material, colloidal particles, Microorganisms, chloride ion and off-flavor particle

Product technical attributes:

Weight (kg): 5000 kg
Material: stainless steel/glass fiber
Voltage: 220V / 380V
Filter media: quartz sand, activated carbon, softener
Flow rate: 500-20000L/H
Function: water purification
After-sales service:  overseas service machinery
RO water desalination rate: ≥99%
Pressure model:  normal pressure
Material: stainless steel 304 or 316 (determined by water quality)
Output: 8T-50T
Membrane material:  modified polypropylene (PP)
Pure water flux (L/H, 0.12Mpa, 25°C): 5000
Working temperature: 5℃-45℃

Product Description:

Reverse osmosis device is a kind of equipment that uses semi-permeable membrane pressure difference to purify salt water. It is called reverse osmosis because it is in the opposite direction to natural penetration. Different materials have different osmotic pressures. The reverse osmosis method uses a larger osmotic pressure to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification, and concentration.

Reverse osmosis can remove more than 97% of soluble salts and more than 99% of glue, microorganisms, particulate matter and organic matter. Become the most ideal equipment for modern pure water, ultra-pure water, and airspace water projects. The equipment has outstanding characteristics such as low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process, good water quality, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Product Picture Display

Silica Sand Filter 

Silica sand filter is a kind of water treatment equipment. It is widely used to filter suspended solids, particles and colloidal substances in water.

Our silica sand filter is filled with silica sand, anthracite and other filter materials. Due to the reasonable filling method and metering method of the filter material, its filtering effect is very good. The height of the filter layer is above 1200mm.


Active Carbon Water Filter

Activated carbon water filter is a water treatment equipment used to improve water quality and taste. It is made of stainless steel and filled with nutshell-shaped activated carbon. Activated carbon is used to absorb dissolved impurities and unpleasant taste and smell from water. At the same time, it can also remove organic matter, toxic chemicals and chloride ions from the water, and protect the RO membrane from free chlorine damage.


Sodium Ion Exchanger

Sodium ion exchanger is water treatment equipment. Mainly used to remove calcium ions and magnesium ions in raw water to make the water softer.
Our sodium ion exchanger was born to solve this problem. It uses its ionized water to exchange calcium ions and magnesium ions in raw water through ion exchange resins. This can effectively prevent the generation of carbonate and sulfate scaling, thereby producing softened water.
Centrifugal multistage pumps need to be installed in the filter. It can provide brine and extract sauce from it. A 500-liter salt melting tank is required. The user can add industrial salt and water to it and saturate the water.


Precision Water Filter

Precision water filter is a kind of water filtration equipment, also known as cartridge filter. It is used to prevent fine particles and other impurities from penetrating into high-pressure pumps and reverse osmosis membrane modules. Its accuracy is in the range of 0.10 to 60 μm. The filtration accuracy of the filter membrane is not affected by the feed pressure.

It should be emphasized that when the pressure difference of the precision water filter is higher than 1.07Mpa, the filter element must be replaced or cleaned.


Ultrafiltration Water Filter

Ultrafiltration water filters are water purification equipment. It is mainly used to remove bacteria, rust, colloidal substances and other impurities in tap water, and retain trace elements, minerals and other substances beneficial to human health.


Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis is water filtration equipment. It is the main part of purified water system. It can remove inorganic salt, organic matter and microorganism.


Water Tank

The water tank is a kind of water treatment equipment. It is made of stainless steel 304 or 316. Its surface is polished, and the roughness is Ra0.4μm.

Our water tank is equipped with air respirator, liquid indicator and manhole. It is widely used in food and drink industries.

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