Soda Sparkling Water 8000 BPH Glass Bottle Filling Machine

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Soda Sparkling Water 8000 BPH Glass Bottle Filling Machine

Material: Stainless Steel Process: Isobaric Filling System
Certification: GB/T19001-2000 Type: Filling Machine
Capacity: 8000 Bottles/hour---36000 Bottles/hour (250ml) Bottle Height (mm): 180-315
Bottle Volume (ml): 200-750ml Remark: All-in-one Type
High Light: 8000 BPM Glass Bottle Filling Machine, 12000 BPM Glass Bottle Filling Machine, 8000 BPM Soda Sparkling Water Filling Machine

Soda Sparkling Water 8000 BPH Glass Bottle Filling Machine

Glass Bottle Filling Machine Automatic Juice Soda Sparkling Water Beer Wine Beverage Filling And Capping Machine

Our carbonated drinks filling machine is an automatic liquid packaging machine that combines a bottle washing machine, a Isobaric pressure filling machine and a capping machine. To help our customers better understand our products, we provide you with some information about how the bottled water filling machine works. The conveyor first transports the empty bottles to the washing machine in an orderly manner, then turns the bottles over and cleans them inside through the nozzles. After dripping, the bottle is automatically sent to the filling machine to fill the liquid at high speed. Finally, use a capping machine to cap these bottles safely and reliably.



Glass bottle steam filling machine

Applicable products: high-end aerated mineral water, aerated soda water, cola, sprite, aerated juice
Capacity: A-8000 bottles/hour ----36000 bottles/hour (250ml)
Applicable bottle type: 200ml-750ml
Filling valve: According to customer needs, use equal pressure mechanical valve/imported flow meter valve



Specifications of Glass bottle Filling Machine


Model Number of Bottle Rinsing Clip Number of Filling Valve Number of Capping Head Capacity (BPH) Bottle Size Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg) Remark
Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Volume (ml)
DGP08E 24 24 8 8000 Φ60-Φ88 180-315 200-750 2800x2400x2600 6000 All-in-one Type
DGP10E 32 32 10 12000 Φ60-Φ88 180-315 200-750 3300x3000x2700 25002500 3085 7200 All-in-one Type
DGP12E 40 40 12 16000 Φ60-Φ88 180-315 200-750 3900x3180x2700 9000 All-in-one Type


All parts in contact with liquid are manufactured by quality stainless steel, for example, the filling valves are made of stainless steel 316.
The use of pressure type filling system helps ensure high filling speed, precision and quality.
The bottled water filling machine is equipped with stainless steel shield and safeguard door which is made of organic glass and provided with safety electric switch. The machine will automatically stop when the door is opened. In addition, handle switch and scramming buttons are equipped at the four corners of the machine.
Rinsing clips are made of stainless steel so as to avoid bottle neck pollution.
There are detectors for bottle feeding condition and blocking condition. Hence, when there is no bottle to feed or the bottles are blocked, the machine will slow down and stop automatically.

As a bottled water filling machine with decades of experience, we at HZM also provide flesh fruit grain beverage filling line, automatic depalletizer, wrapping case packer etc., in addition to water filling machine. If you do not find the product you are looking for, we can customize our beverage machinery according to your specific requirements. As a result of our high quality products and dependable service, we have been awarded the ISO9001:2000 certificate.

Apart from water filling machines, we also produce degassers, beverage mixers, tea drink production lines, can production lines etc. to suit your various needs. Additionally, we can customize our beverage production lines according to customers' specific requirements. With the advantage of superior reliability, safety and durability, our products are in increasing demand in the USA, Canada, Britain, Mexico, Japan .


1. Our beverage machinery is approved as qualified products for seven years by Chinese beverage industry association.
2. Our company is approved as excellent supplier of filling equipment four times by Chinese beverage industry association.
3. Our company is entitled "Star Enterprise" by Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.
4. Our company is approved as the enterprise technical center of Zhangjiagang Province.
5. Our company obtains ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.
6. Our company is awarded as demonstration enterprise of national CAD application engineering by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
7. All our products are awarded as CE certification.
8. Our company becomes the vice chairman of Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.

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