What are the Common Troubleshooting Methods for Automatic Palletizing Machines?

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Update:Oct, 08 /2023

Automatic palletizing machines offer advantages in organized and fast stacking, and are widely used in various industries. After long-term use, it's inevitable that automatic palletizing machines may encounter some issues. To help customers identify common problems, what are the troubleshooting methods for common issues with automatic palletizing machines?

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Abnormal Electronic Valve in the Automatic Palletizing Machine

If the electronic valve in the automatic palletizing machine malfunctions, start by pressing the emergency button for an immediate shutdown. Confirm that the equipment has stopped, and then proceed with an inspection and appropriate troubleshooting. If necessary, disconnect the power supply to the automatic palletizing machine to prevent accidental startup.

No Signal from the Magnetic Ring Switch on the Cylinder After Activation

The cause of this issue might be that the magnetic ring switch is not in the correct position or the piston rod is not fully extended or retracted. For the first scenario, adjust the magnetic ring switch to make the indicator light up before securing it. If the problem is caused by the second scenario, adjust the cylinder cushion to ensure that the piston rod is fully extended or retracted.

No Signal from the Photoelectric Switch After the Automatic Palletizing Machine is in Position

In this case, you can check if the transmitter and receiver ends of the opposite photoelectric switch are aligned correctly, if the retroreflective photoelectric switch is aligned with the retroreflector, if the proximity between the through-beam photoelectric switch and the observed object is appropriate, if there are any foreign objects obstructing the photoelectric switch, and if the connection wires are loose.

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