What are the factors that affect the price of liquid beverage filling machines?

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Update:Nov, 13 /2023

HZM, a professional manufacturer of liquid beverage filling machines, is here to explain the key factors influencing the price of liquid beverage filling machines. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with professional guidance to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions.

liquid beverage filling machines

1.Production Capacity

The production capacity of the filling machine, which refers to the amount of liquid beverage it can process per hour, is a significant price factor. Machines with higher production capacity typically have a higher price.

2.Filling Materials

Different types of liquid beverages (such as water, juice, dairy products, carbonated drinks, etc.) may require different types of equipment, which can impact the price. Some beverages may require special materials for the machine's contact parts.

3.Degree of Automation

Fully automated liquid beverage filling machines are generally more expensive than semi-automatic or manual machines. Higher levels of automation typically require more electronic controls and sensors.

4.Bottle Types and Sizes

Filling machines need to accommodate different types and sizes of bottles. Machines that can handle a wider range of bottle types and sizes usually have a higher price.

4.Material Quality

Machines made of more durable and food-grade materials tend to have a higher price. This is an important factor to ensure the quality and hygiene of the liquid beverage.

6.Brand and Quality

Equipment from well-known brands typically comes at a higher price because they usually offer better quality, reliability, and after-sales support.

7.Additional Features

Some liquid beverage filling machines may have special features such as automatic cleaning, quantitative control, packaging date labeling, etc., which can add to the price.

8.Customization Requirements

If customers have specific customization requirements, such as non-standard bottle types, special production capacities, or unique features, this can also increase the cost of the equipment.

9.International Standards and Compliance

Machines that comply with international hygiene and food safety standards may require additional engineering and design, which can also impact the price.

HZM Machinery is a manufacturer of liquid beverage filling machines that integrates development, manufacturing, and sales. You can contact us directly, and we will provide you with more accurate details regarding beverage filling machine prices.

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