Air conveyor systems

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Update:Jul, 12 /2023

The air conveyor, also known as a pneumatic conveyor, serves the purpose of efficiently transporting empty bottles between machines within a filling line. It also acts as a buffer, allowing for automatic operation of the entire line. Primarily, it is employed to transfer empty PET bottles from the blowing machine to the filling machine, also known as the filler.

To facilitate the movement of bottles, a powerful air stream generated by radial fans is utilized. This air stream is directed through an air channel and then guided towards the slides that transport the bottles. The speed at which the bottles move can be adjusted by regulating the amount of air produced by the fan, either manually or using an inverter.

The number of fans required depends on the layout of the production line and is specifically calculated for each project to ensure smooth bottle movement while also optimizing energy consumption. On the air conveyor, bottles are secured by their necks using specially designed slides that accommodate their shape and are constructed from specialized materials.

To maintain the bottles in the correct position and prevent swinging or blockages that could disrupt the transport, the air conveyor is equipped with adjustable rails. These rails can be modified to accommodate bottles of various sizes and shapes by adjusting their diameter and height. In the event of a bottle format change, the rails can be manually adjusted or controlled by pneumatic actuators.

The conveyors provided by SMF are constructed using easy-to-assemble modules. The number and type of modules, such as straight sections, bends, inclines, and slopes, as well as the method of installation (e.g., on legs, suspended from the ceiling, or attached to walls), the number of fans, and the type of execution (standard, special, or ultra clean) are customized to meet the specific requirements of each project. The entire conveyor system is integrated into a single unit, which is operated by an electric control box. This system is also equipped with sensors that enable seamless communication and coordination between the machines on the production line. Moreover, the conveyor system can be enhanced with additional features such as an adder or divider to connect or separate bottles for subsequent transporters, an elevator to adjust the conveyor height, or a drop gate to remove excess bottles.

In situations where a higher level of hygiene is necessary, an ultra clean version of the air conveyor can be utilized. In this version, the conveyor is enclosed in a polycarbonate housing, and air filters are installed on the fans to ensure optimal cleanliness.

The ultra clean conveyor creates a closed environment for bottle transportation. To prevent contamination from entering the system, a slight overpressure is generated inside the conveyor. The bottles are propelled by a flow of filtered air, effectively preventing any external sources of contamination from affecting the product quality.

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