Automatic Drinking Water Filling Production Line Equipment

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Update:Jul, 10 /2023

Automatic Drinking Water Filling Production Line

The equipment of the automatic drinking water filling production line has a wide range of applications in filling purified water, mineral water, drinking water, and PET bottled water. This production line equipment allows for the option of using metal anti-theft caps or plastic caps for sealing, making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized beverage manufacturers. The automatic water filling machine utilizes OMRON programmable frequency converters (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine. The frequency control of the bottle inlet conveyor and the main machine work together to ensure a more stable and reliable bottle feeding process. The optical detection components of the purified water filling equipment achieve a high level of automation and are easy to operate. Additionally, the drinking water filling machine can also implement a low vacuum filling method by modifying the filling section.

The equipment of the automatic drinking water filling production line mainly includes the following:

  1. Water treatment equipment: Water treatment equipment is used to treat and purify the raw water source to ensure the quality of drinking water meets the standards. It removes suspended solids, particles, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other impurities from the water, providing a clean water source for the subsequent filling process.
  2. Bottle blowing machine: The bottle blowing machine is used to thermally mold pre-made PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) materials into hollow drinking water bottles. It heats the thermoplastic plastic to a pliable state and then expands it into the shape of a bottle through blowing air and mold forming.
  3. Tunnel-type Pasteurization Machine: Pasteurization is a common sterilization method used in the drinking water filling process. The tunnel-type pasteurization machine uses high-temperature steam to instantaneously heat and cool the bottles, achieving sterilization. It effectively kills microorganisms inside and outside the bottles, ensuring the hygiene and safety of drinking water.
  4. Automatic three-in-one filling machine: The three-in-one filling machine integrates bottle rinsing, filling, and sealing into one unit, serving as the core equipment of the drinking water filling line. It automatically completes bottle positioning, cleaning, filling with water, sealing, and discharge processes. The control system of the automatic three-in-one filling machine precisely controls the filling volume and speed to ensure that each bottle meets the preset standards.
  5. Bottle drying machine: The bottle drying machine is used to dry the filled drinking water bottles, removing water droplets from the surface of the bottles to ensure their cleanliness and appearance quality.
  6. Labeling machine: The labeling machine is responsible for applying labels to the outer surface of the drinking water bottles. It accurately positions and adheres labels to the bottles, providing them with brand identification and product information.
  7. Coding machine: The coding machine is used to print batch numbers, production dates, barcodes, and other information on the bottles. It efficiently and accurately applies codes based on preset parameters, facilitating product traceability and management.
  8. Film wrapping machine or carton packaging machine: Depending on the requirements, either a film wrapping machine or a carton packaging machine is used to package the filled drinking water bottles. The film wrapping machine wraps the bottles with plastic film to protect the product's safety and hygiene, while the carton packaging machine is used to place the bottled water into cartons for convenient storage and transportation.
  9. Palletizing machine: The palletizing machine is responsible for stacking and palletizing the packaged finished products, facilitating subsequent storage and distribution operations. It can stack bottles or packaging boxes in a neat and specified manner according to the set program.

In the automatic drinking water filling production line, each piece of equipment plays a different role and function. Through the collaboration and operation of these various equipment, the automatic drinking water filling production line achieves an automated and highly efficient production process, from the raw water source to the packaged finished products.


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