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Update:Dec, 12 /2023

In the thriving landscape of functional beverages, we proudly introduce our Functional Beverage Filling Machine, designed specifically for the production of non-carbonated beverages such as functional drinks, vitamin-enriched beverages, fruit juices, and tea drinks in various PET bottle sizes and shapes. The filling machine adopts a series of thermal filling machine standards, with the basic model being the "three-in-one," and for special production conditions, it can be upgraded to a "four-in-one" model with an additional disinfectant solution rinsing process.

Functional Beverage Filling Machine

Key Features:

1.Full Filling Design: Prevents bottle collapse after cooling and minimizes oxygen intake to ensure product quality.

2.Rational Feeding System: The material warehouse and feeding system feature a design with constant flow, constant pressure, and no foaming, usually adopting a high-position tank feeding form.

3.Advanced Material Warehouse System: The system has a reasonable structure, featuring exhaust, full sealing, and temperature measurement. The elimination of large liquid cylinders in medium and high-speed lines is replaced with a liquid distributor, allowing for thorough CIP pressure cleaning.

4.Hygienic Filling Head System: Adopts an umbrella flow structure, ensuring fast filling speed and meeting the requirements for both full filling and hygiene.

5.Advanced Thermal Filling Temperature Control System: Incorporates a comprehensive temperature control system for thermal filling, ensuring precise temperature control to enhance production efficiency.

6.Automatic Start External Delivery Reflux Tank System: Equipped with a reflux tank system that automatically starts with material delivery, improving operational convenience.

7.Comprehensive CIP Cleaning System: The filling machine is equipped with a thorough Clean-in-Place (CIP) cleaning system, ensuring equipment hygiene compliance.

Why Choose Our Functional Beverage Filling Machine?

1.Efficient Production: Advanced technology and design ensure a high and stable production line operation.

2.Hygiene Standards: Hygienic filling head system and a comprehensive CIP cleaning system meet the highest hygiene standards.

3.Adaptability: Designed to accommodate different product characteristics, meeting special requirements such as foaming in tea drinks and mixed fruit juice beverages.

4.Custom Solutions: Understanding the unique needs of each producer, we offer customized solutions to meet your precise requirements.

We are an integrated supplier of development, manufacturing, and sales for functional beverage production line equipment. We offer turnkey projects and have a team of professional after-sales service engineers. Currently, our equipment is exported to more than 30 regions and countries worldwide. We welcome more friends to come for negotiations and consultations.

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