How Much Does It Cost to Produce a Bottle of Mineral Water?

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Update:Aug, 30 /2023

The cost of producing a bottle of mineral water varies due to differences in brand, packaging, and raw materials. Generally, the cost of mineral water includes production, transportation, and promotional expenses.

Production costs are a significant component and encompass expenses such as purchasing packaging materials like bottles and caps, labor wages, and equipment maintenance. Production costs typically make up around 50% of the total cost of mineral water.

Transportation costs also play a vital role, including the expenses of moving mineral water from the production site to the sales destination. These costs vary depending on the sales location and transportation distance.

Promotional expenses constitute another important aspect and encompass advertising expenses in various media, such as TV, radio, and newspapers. These costs vary based on brand and the scope of the advertising campaign.

In summary, the cost of mineral water varies due to differences in brand, packaging, and raw materials. Generally, the cost of mineral water ranges from 0.5 to 1 yuan. However, when accounting for transportation and promotional costs, the overall cost of mineral water could be higher.

Common specifications for bottled mineral water in the market include 330ml, 380ml, 480ml, 500ml, 550ml, 600ml, 1L, and 1.5L. The most common size is usually 500ml or 550ml.

Now let's take a 550ml bottle as an example to provide a cost estimate.

Firstly, let's break down the costs:

The main components contributing to the cost of a bottle of water are the bottle, cap, label, packaging film, labor, and electricity. Typically, bottles are produced using blow molding machines, meaning the bottles are manufactured in-house rather than purchased. In this case, the primary raw material required for bottle production is the bottle preform.

For a case of 24 bottles with a size of 550ml per bottle:

  1. Bottle cost: A 550ml bottle weighs around 17 grams, costing approximately 0.17 yuan per bottle. This sums up to 4.08 yuan for 24 bottles.
  2. Cap cost: The cost for a cap is around 0.026 yuan per cap, totaling 0.624 yuan for 24 caps.
  3. Label cost: Each label costs about 0.013 yuan, resulting in 0.312 yuan for 24 labels. The combined cost of (bottles + caps + labels) for 24 bottles is 5.016 yuan.
  4. Labor and electricity cost per case is around 0.8 yuan.
  5. Packaging film cost per case is approximately 0.5 yuan.

Therefore, the total cost for a case of 24 bottles is 5.016 yuan + 0.8 yuan + 0.5 yuan = 6.316 yuan.

This example provides an overview of the cost breakdown for producing a case of bottled mineral water.

Additionally, a complete bottled mineral water production line consists of various stages and equipment, including water treatment systems, bottle blowing machines, and filling and packaging systems. The production process involves stages such as water purification, bottle production, filling, labeling, and packaging before the final products are ready for distribution.

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