Modern Beverage Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine

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Update:Sep, 06 /2023

modern beverage manufacturing companies need advanced technological equipment to ensure the quality and safety of their products. The Beverage Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine, as an efficient and reliable sterilization device, provides a crucial safeguard for the beverage industry, helping companies produce safer and fresher products that meet consumer demands. With continuous technological advancements, this equipment is expected to further develop and contribute to the prosperity of the beverage industry in the future.

1. Technological Principle

The Beverage Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine, also known as the Beverage Pasteurizer, employs a method of high-temperature short-time treatment to effectively eliminate bacteria and microorganisms from beverages, thereby extending the product's shelf life. The core principle involves exposing the beverage to high temperatures for a short duration and then rapidly cooling it, achieving the desired sterilization effect. This method not only preserves the nutritional content and taste of the beverage to the maximum extent but also reduces the microbial count, ensuring the product's safety.

Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine

2. Equipment Structure

The Beverage Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine typically consists of several main components:

2.1 Infeed System: This system conveys the beverage to be treated into the tunnel pasteurizer machine through conveyor belts or other means.

2.2 Heating Zone: In this area, the beverage is rapidly heated to a specific temperature to achieve sterilization. The temperature typically ranges between 70 to 90 degrees Celsius, varying based on the type of beverage and processing requirements.

2.3 High-Temperature Holding Zone: In this region, the beverage is maintained at a specific temperature to effectively eliminate microorganisms.

2.4 Cooling Zone: In this area, the beverage is rapidly cooled to ensure that the quality of the product remains uncompromised.

2.5 Outfeed System: The processed beverage is transported out of the equipment through conveyor belts or similar mechanisms, ready for the next production phase.

Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine

3. Advantages and Applications

The Beverage Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine offers several significant advantages:

3.1 Efficient Sterilization: The high-temperature short-time treatment method rapidly eliminates microorganisms, ensuring the safety of the beverage.

3.2 Quality Preservation: Compared to traditional sterilization methods, the tunnel pasteurizer machine better preserves the original taste, color, and nutritional content of the beverage.

3.3 Extended Shelf Life: Sterilization significantly extends the shelf life of the beverage, reducing the risk of spoilage.

3.4 Wide Applicability: The Beverage Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine is suitable for various types of beverages, including juices, tea drinks, dairy products, and more.

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