Pretreatment PET Bottle sterilization Beverage Processing System

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

Pretreatment PET Bottle sterilization Beverage Processing System

Material: Stainless Steel Certification: GB/T19001-2000
Origin: Zhangjiagang China Product: Juice, Milk, Tea, Etc.
ProdCapacityuct: 3 - 25TPH Dimension(L*W*H): Designed
Weight: Designed Bottle Type: PET Bottle/Glass Bottle
High Light: sterilization Beverage Processing System, PET Bottle Beverage Processing System, 25TPH PET Bottle sterilization Processing System

Pretreatment PET Bottle sterilization Beverage Processing System


Stainless Steel Beverage Pretreatment Cleaning Equipment
The pre-treatment equipment for juice before filling mainly includes water treatment production line and adjustment wiring. The adjustment production line includes sugar pot, mixing tank, double filter, vacuum deaerator, homogenizer, ultra-high temperature instant sterilization machine, temporary Storage tank and CIP online cleaning. This set of equipment is mainly used for the completion and sterilization of juice, and prepares for juice or blended beverage before entering the filling.


Stainless steel




Zhangjiagang China


Juice, milk, tea, etc.







Bottle type

PET bottle/Glass bottle

1. Extraction System: Extraction System
The purpose of the extraction operation is to effectively extract the active ingredients in the plant, not only to maintain the unique color, aroma and taste of the original liquid as much as possible, but also to effectively prevent the over-dissolution of non-original ingredients from causing turbidity and precipitation of active ingredients in the beverage. .
After extraction, the juice should be clarified to remove impurities, colloids and non-polyphenol macromolecular compounds in the juice to avoid turbidity and precipitation during the product shelf life. Especially suitable for the extraction of tea juice, it is a reliable, high-quality special extraction equipment.
2. Sugar dissolving system
The sugar dissolving system is mainly used for the dissolution of granulated sugar. It consists of a material-liquid mixing pump, a hot and cold cylinder, a double filter, a frame and connecting pipes. The granulated sugar with good texture is dissolved in a certain amount of hot water to make the expected concentration The syrup is stored for later use after heat preservation, sterilization, filtration, and cooling.
3. Allocation system
Before mixing the concentrated fruit juice, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of water to dilute the concentrated fruit juice. Send all the syrup and auxiliary materials into the mixing tank in order, and then add water to the mixing tank to stir, mix evenly and maintain a constant volume for the next step.
4. Mixer
The function of the mixer is a device that mixes syrup, water and carbon dioxide. It can be well combined with CO2 without bubble generation, ensuring the quality and stability of the beverage. The whole process of the system is automatically controlled and easy to operate.
5. UHT system
The English abbreviation of Ultra Heat Treated is called ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization system. The product is continuously subjected to short-term rapid heating and cooling treatment in a completely sealed system, which kills all harmful microorganisms while retaining the product flavor and nutrients, and prevents Secondary pollution. Therefore, the UHT system is widely used in the sterilization of fruit juice, beverages, dairy products, ice cream, etc.
6. CIP system
The English abbreviation of Clean In Place is called in-situ cleaning (online cleaning, on-site cleaning), which can not only clean the machine, but also kill all microorganisms, and has a rapid sterilization effect. It is generally non-toxic after dilution and is not affected by water hardness. , Can form a thin film on the surface of the device. Various forms of cleaning are carried out according to process requirements.


HZM Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive liquid beverage packaging solution provider specializing in design, manufacturing, sales and service. It has been deeply involved in the packaging machinery industry for nearly 10 years. Its service areas are widely used in beverages, dairy products, and condiments. It is one of the manufacturers with the highest level of technology and the most complete varieties of equipment for the production of liquid beverages in many packaging industries in China, such as alcohol, daily chemicals.
Quality Control
To guarantee the excellent performance of our beverage production lines and beverage machinery, we introduce advanced technology from Germany and Italy, and constantly improve our production technology of liquid filling. Apart from that, free trainings are offered to our employees to help them improve technical skills. In addition, we strongly believe that beverage production lines and beverage machines with high pass rate and reliable quality can effectively reduce production cost. Thus, we strictly implement product inspection in every step of production, from raw material acquisition to shipping our finished products, to ensure the quality and pass rate. Besides, much attention is also placed on perfect management system and high quality employees for a higher working efficiency.

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