What Machines Are Used to Apply Plastic Labels on Beverage Bottles?

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Update:Jun, 14 /2024
Author:HZM Machinery

The plastic wrapping on beverage bottles is typically applied using specialized labeling machines. Common labeling methods include shrink sleeve labeling, hot melt glue labeling, self-adhesive labeling, and paper label labeling. Different labeling techniques are suitable for various beverage products and market needs. The widespread use of labeling machines not only enhances production efficiency but also ensures the aesthetic appeal and consistency of product packaging.

Based on different beverage types and market demands, labeling machines can adopt various labeling technologies to achieve precise and efficient label application.

Common Types of Labeling Machines

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

  • Applications: Commonly used for packaging products like juices and carbonated drinks.
  • Working Principle: Shrink sleeve labeling machines use heat shrink technology to apply plastic labels to the bottle. Initially, the labels are pre-made in tubular form, which the machine cuts into individual labels and then slips onto the bottle. The bottle then passes through a hot air or steam tunnel, causing the label to shrink and tightly adhere to the bottle. This method provides 360-degree full coverage labeling, and the labels are firm and resistant to detachment.

Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

  • Applications: Used for bottled water, milk, beer, etc.
  • Working Principle: Hot melt glue labeling machines use hot melt adhesive to affix labels to the bottle. The machine first sprays hot melt glue on the back of the label and then quickly attaches the label to the bottle surface. This method offers strong adhesion, smooth and aesthetically pleasing labels, and is suitable for high-speed production lines.

Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

  • Applications: Primarily used for high-end beverages, small batch products, or products requiring special labels.
  • Working Principle: Self-adhesive labeling machines use pre-glued labels that can be directly peeled from the backing paper and applied to the bottle. The machine uses rollers or brushes to smoothly apply the label to the bottle surface. This labeling method is simple to operate, ensures precise label placement, and is suitable for multi-variety, small-batch production.

Paper Label Labeling Machine

  • Applications: Suitable for traditional style beverage packaging, such as some beers and juices.
  • Working Principle: Paper label labeling machines typically use cold glue or paste as an adhesive to affix paper labels to the bottle. The machine evenly applies adhesive to the back of the label and then presses the label onto the bottle. The advantage of this method is that paper labels can be beautifully printed and offer certain anti-counterfeiting features.

HZM Machinery is a professional manufacturer of beverage packaging equipment and can provide various types of bottle labeling machines. Our warranty period is 2 years after installation and commissioning. If any quality issues occur within these 2 years, we will take full responsibility and provide service. Feel free to contact us for equipment details and quotes.

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