20000bph PLC Touch Screen PET Bottle Packing Machine For Sale

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Update:Dec, 28 /2023

Presenting a high-quality 20000bph PLC Touch Screen PET Bottle Packing Machine from China. It stands out as a leading product in the 20000bph PET Bottle Packing Machine category, undergoing strict quality control in our advanced facilities. Choose precision and reliability with our top-notch PLC PET Bottle Packing Machine, ensuring excellence in 20000bph fruit juice packing.

20000bph PLC Touch Screen PET Bottle Packing Machine

20000bph PLC Touch Screen PET Bottle Packing Machine Parameter

Name: Fruit Juice Packing Machine Material: Stainless Steel
Applicable: Filling Machine Automatic Grade: Full Automatic
Driven Type: Electric Voltage: 380v/220v
Key Selling Points: Easy To Operate Capacity: 20000bph
Packaging Type: Bottles Advantage: Efficiency
High Light: 20000bph PET Bottle Packing Machine, PLC PET Bottle Packing Machine, 20000bph fruit juice packing machine

PLC Touch Screen Operation Interface Coating Machine

This machine is suitable for automatic film packaging of bottle filling machinery. Adopting a new type of double insurance mechanism, no need to stop the machine when the machine runs out of synchronization and will not damage other parts.

This machine adopts a fully enclosed organic glass cover, which is beautiful, hygienic and dust-proof; it is especially suitable for users who have requirements for a hygienic environment. Equipped with Delta control system and PLC touch screen operation interface. The whole machine is more luxurious and generous, and the operation is more stable and reliable.

The whole machine is light and beautiful, and the mold replacement is simple and quick. The packaging site is not limited by the weight of the machine. The operation is simple, that is, learn and know, no professional operation is required. It is suitable for three-dimensional skin wrapping of box-type packaging items in various industries.

Name Bottle Packing Machine
Material Stainless steel
Applicable Filling machine
Automatic Grade Full automatic
Driven Type Electric
Voltage 380v/220v
Key Selling Points Easy to Operate
Application Beverage
Packaging Type Bottles
Advantage Efficiency

Performance characteristics

1. This machine is based on mechanical linkage, uses the principle of skin-wrapping, and adopts multi-function digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation; PLC programmable control design technology to realize automatic control of heat sealing and shaping temperature, automatic feeding and automatic count;

2. The automatic conveying and feeding can be connected to the fully automated unmanned production line.

3. While the servo motor is used to drop the film, a stabilized air pump is equipped to assist the film to drop, so that the film falls smoothly and eliminates the interference of static electricity, making the film feeding more smoothly.

4. Apply touch screen and other electrical components to realize man-machine interface operation. It can complete programming setting, control operation, tracking display, automatic overload protection, failure shutdown;

5. The materials used in the casing, platform and parts in contact with the medicine are all made of high-quality sanitary non-toxic stainless steel (1Cr 18Ni9Ti), which fully meets the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.

6. Equipped with double-sided wrinkle plastic surgery device to make the film packaging more skin-tight and more beautiful.

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