Inaccurate Filling or Overflow in Automatic Water Bottle Filling Machine

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Update:Nov, 10 /2023

When using the automatic quantitative water bottle filling machine for an extended period, issues such as inaccurate filling, failure to discharge, or overflow may occur. This doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the manufacturer's product quality, as any equipment used for an extended period can develop minor faults. While these minor issues might not immediately impact the work, if left unaddressed, they can escalate into larger problems. HZM Machinery's professional after-sales engineers offer the following basic troubleshooting and resolution methods to help you tackle these problems.

1. Check the throttle valve condition

Ensure that the speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve can fully close. If these valves cannot close properly, repairs or replacements are necessary.

2. Clear foreign objects

Inspect if there are any foreign objects inside the automatic quantitative filling machine's quick-connect three-way control valve. If found, clean it. Additionally, check if there is air in the quick-connect three-way control valve and the filling head's rubber tube. If there is air, try to eliminate it.

3. Inspect the sealing ring

Check if the filling machine's sealing ring is damaged. If it is, replace it promptly with a new one.

4. Observe the valve core

Examine whether the valve core of the automatic quantitative filling machine's filling nozzle is stuck or delayed in opening. If it's stuck, reinstall the valve core correctly. If there is a delayed opening, adjustments to the thin cylinder's throttle valve are necessary.

5. Adjust the spring elasticity

Check if the spiral spring's compression force is excessive in the quick-connect three-way control valve of the automatic quantitative filling machine. Excessive force may prevent the check valve from opening. If needed, adjust the spring's elasticity.

These are basic methods to address common issues with automatic water bottle filling machines. However, if you have any doubts about the nature of the problem or the solutions provided, it is advisable to contact professional after-sales service engineers or the equipment manufacturer to ensure the problem is correctly resolved. Regular maintenance can also help prevent future faults.

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