Bottled Water Production Line:5-gallon

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Update:Jun, 23 /2023

Bottled Water Production Line is suitable for producing large water barrels with capacities of 3 gallons, 5 gallons (18.9L), and so on. Currently, based on market demand, our company offers bottled water production line equipment with capacities ranging from 150 barrels/hour to 2000 barrels/hour.

Bottled Water Production Line

The main components of the 5-gallon bottled water filling machine include an automatic cap remover, an empty barrel leak detection device, an automatic barrel lifting machine, an automatic internal brush machine, an automatic external brush machine, a cap washing machine with air force, an internal disinfection machine, and a rotary filling and capping machine. Auxiliary equipment includes a conveying system, a steam shrink film machine, LED light inspection equipment, a bucket bagging machine, and an automatic stacking machine.

Automatic cap remover: The recycled empty barrels usually come from different environments such as schools, construction sites, office buildings, etc., with varying degrees of contamination. For heavily contaminated barrels, they need to be manually cleaned before entering the bottled water machine. Under the drive of the conveyor belt, the empty barrels enter the automatic cap remover of the bottled water production line for operation. The main PLC control of the bottled water equipment ensures that the caps are removed only when there is a barrel, preventing damage to the barrel opening. When a barrel blockage occurs on the barrel outlet conveyor belt, the photoelectric sensor automatically sends a signal to stop the operation of the bottled water equipment until the blockage is cleared, and then it resumes automatically. Once the signal for an empty barrel is detected, the cap remover immediately moves downward to remove the cap. The use of the air force system blows the caps into the designated position, demonstrating the humanized production of the bottled water equipment. The cap removal rate of the bottled water equipment is as high as ≥99.9%, with low air consumption and low noise. It can be equipped with a low-energy preheating device for recycling and reuse after recycling.

Bottled Water Production Line:5-gallon

Empty barrel leak detection device: This device is used to detect barrel leakage by blowing air into the barrel and observing the pressure gauge. If the pressure drops sharply, it indicates that the barrel has a leak, and the barrel needs to be removed from the bottled water production line to avoid producing defective products. In actual production, it consumes a large amount of air and is generally suitable for large-scale bottled water production. For small-scale bottled water manufacturers, its practical use is limited.

Automatic internal brush machine: This machine is used to brush and wash the inner surface of the empty barrels. Once the signal for the quantity of empty barrels is detected, the clamping device is activated to fix the empty barrels in place. Then, the cylinder starts to move, driving the brush rod slowly downward into the interior of the empty barrels. After the brush rod is positioned, the motor starts to rotate, driving the brush rod to rotate 360 degrees. There are water holes on the outer surface of the brush rod, which throws water onto the surface of the barrel during the rotation, providing comprehensive cleaning of the interior of the barrel.

5-gallon bottled water

Barrel lifting system: The 5-gallon bottled water filling machine uses a cylinder flip-type automatic barrel lifting system. It evenly distributes barrel blocking blocks and accurately positions and separates the barrels. The barrel flipping plate flips the barrel steadily and accurately, and the flip cylinder accurately sends it into the bottle washing machine bottle holder. The barrel lifting process ensures accurate barrel positioning and minimizes friction between the barrel and the flipping plate, reducing bottle wear.

Cap washing and capping machine: The automatic cap washing machine for the 5-gallon bottled water filling machine has a compact structure. The machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel material. It uses the principle of timed intermittent operation to effectively control the flow of water and the washing process. The machine is equipped with a centrifugal pump, which can effectively remove dirt from the bottle cap. The water spray nozzle can adjust the pressure and angle of the water flow, ensuring a thorough cleaning of the cap. The caps are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, meeting the hygienic standards required for the bottled water production process.

The internal disinfection machine uses a spray head to spray water and disinfectant into the barrel, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the bottled water. The external brush machine is equipped with multiple spray heads to effectively clean the outer surface of the barrel, removing any dirt or impurities.

In the filling stage, the 5-gallon bottled water filling machine uses a metering pump or flow meter for accurate filling operations. Based on the preset filling volume, the machine automatically controls the operation of the pump or flow meter to inject the precise amount of water into each barrel. After the filling is completed, the automatic capping system places the cap on the barrel opening and performs the capping operation, ensuring the sealing and hygiene of the bottled water.

The entire operation process of the 5-gallon bottled water filling machine is monitored and controlled by an automation control system. This system can set parameters and timing for each step to adapt to different specifications and requirements of the bottled water filling operation. At the same time, the system has fault detection and alarm functions to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

In summary, the 5-gallon bottled water filling machine is an efficient and automated device that can provide comprehensive cleaning, disinfection, and filling of bottled water. It not only improves production efficiency but also ensures the quality and hygiene standards of bottled water, in compliance with relevant industry requirements and regulations.

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