380V 50HZ Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine For Pet Bottle

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Update:Jun, 12 /2023

380V 50HZ Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine For Pet Bottle

Model: BCP-8B Bottle Volume: 300-1500mm
Production Capacity: 16000b/h Length Of Preform: 50-160mm
Diameter Of Bottle: 35-110mm Height Of Bottle: 120-330mm
Dimensions Of Machine: 7100×4000×3980mm Weight Of Machine: 12000kg
Blowing Pressure: 3.5-4.0Mpa Working Pressure: 0.8-1.0Mpa
Using Voltage: 380V.50HZ Installed Power: 168kw
Actual Power: 80Kw Mould Cooling: 30HP
Lubrication Standard: 35-60#
High Light: Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine, 50HZ Blow Moulding Machine, 380V Blow Molding Machine

380V 50HZ Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine For Pet Bottle

Automatic PET Blow Molding Machine
Our BCP series automatic PET blow molding machine is designed and manufactured according to our decades of experience, and the production capacity is from 15000 to 48000B/H. It has the advantages of convenient setting, ergonomic design, high efficiency, simple operation and strong flexibility. In addition, our PET blow molding machine can be customized according to customers' specific requirements. As an experienced blow molding machine manufacturer in China, Baiguan Group provides customers with training and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of our products.

  1. Three-blowing and two-recovery energy-saving technology: pressure difference cascade use, saving compressed air and energy about 40%.
  2. Mechanical sealing safeguard technology: The sealing track ensures that the sealing cylinder is raised quickly and absolutely, which is mainly used to ensure the safety of the high-speed blowing machine.
  3. Pre-blowing proportional valve control technology: The operation panel controls more precise process guarantees and energy saving measures.
  4. Manipulator fork automatic clamping technology: the manipulator fork automatically opens and clamps the bottle mouth, so as to ensure that the bottle or preforms is more stable and not scratched.
  5. Heating and ventilation independent module: improve the modularization, general utilization and standardization, realize the module inlay technology, easy to install, maintain and adjust the process.
  6. Servo stretching technology: it can quickly and accurately control the up and down moving speed and position of the stretching rod, realizing that stretch bottles of various height specifications by the same stretching rod, meet the stretching requirements of various preforms and solve the problem that some preforms are not easy to stretch.
  7. Heating lamp monitoring technology: real-time monitoring of heating lamps in each zone and layer of the heating oven, and interconnection with the operation panel, which can quickly and accurately check the use of heating lamps in each zone and layer of the heating oven.
  8. Cooling water circuit temperature inspection technology: real-time inspection of the cooling water inlet temperature, interconnection with the operation panel, data visualization, and accurate adjustment of the cooling water temperature according to the cooling effect of different bottle types.
  9. High-speed, silent, low-consumption, artware


Specifications of Rotary Blow Molding Machine


Item BCP-8B BCP-10B BCP-12B BCP-14B
Bottle Volume Range 300-1500ml 300-1500mm 300-1500mm 300-1500mm
Production Capacity 16000BPH (500ml) 20000BPH (500ml) 24000BPH (500ml) 28000BPH (500ml)
Max Diameter of Bottle 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
Max Height of Bottle 330mm 330mm 330mm 330mm
Dimensions of Machine 7100×4000×3980mm 7100×4000×3980mm 7100×4000×3980mm 7500×4200×3980mm
Weight of Machine 12000kg 13400kg 16300kg 18000kg
Blowing Pressure 3.5-4.0Mpa 3.5-4.0Mpa 3.5-4.0Mpa 3.5-4.0Mpa
Air consumption 5m3/min 6m3/min 8m3/min 9m3/min
Using Voltage 380V.50HZ 380V.50HZ 380V.50HZ 380V.50HZ
Installed Power 168kw 206kw 244Kw 244Kw
Average energy consumption 80Kw 100Kw 120Kw 120Kw
Mould Cooling 30HP 30HP 35 HP 35HP
Available Material PET PET PET PET



Our automatic PET blow molding machine is suitable for use as water bottle molding machine, oil bottle moulding machine, juice bottle molding machine, and others.


During our consistent efforts over the past decades, we at BestCrown are able to provide a wide array of water production line, beverage filling machine and auxiliary equipment of beverage machinery. Some of our popular products are bottled water production line, carbonated beverage filling machine, can production line, and more. These products are reliable, durable, economical and CE certified. Thus, they are well received in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Britain, Russia, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, among others.
1. Our beverage machinery is approved as qualified products for seven years by Chinese beverage industry association.
2. Our company is approved as excellent supplier of filling equipment four times by Chinese beverage industry association.
3. Our company is entitled "Star Enterprise" by Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.
4. Our company is approved as the enterprise technical center of Zhangjiagang Province.
5. Our company obtains ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.
6. Our company is awarded as demonstration enterprise of national CAD application engineering by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
7. All our products are awarded as CE certification.
8. Our company becomes the vice chairman of Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association.

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