Advanced 3-in-1 Pure Water Filling Machine,Efficiency and Precision

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Update:Oct, 26 /2023

The 3-in-1 Pure Water Filling Machine employs advanced bottleneck transmission technology to achieve fully automated processes including bottle rinsing, filling, and capping. It boasts a high level of automation. Most electrical components of this pure water filling equipment are sourced from high-quality domestic and international suppliers, while all parts in contact with liquids are constructed from premium stainless steel materials, ensuring wear resistance, stability, and low failure rates.

Three-in-One Pure Water Filling Machine

Key Features of the Three-in-One Pure Water Filling Machine

  • The Three-in-One Pure Water Filling Machine is controlled by a PLC computer program and features a human-machine interface with touchscreen buttons (customizable according to customer requirements). It offers automatic control within the reservoir, ensuring no filling or capping without bottles. Additionally, it uses a frequency converter for stepless speed adjustment and displays production capacity digitally, making adjustments extremely convenient.
  • This machine is designed for the bottling of various types of pure water, mineral water, and drinking water. It is characterized by a scientifically rational structure, appealing aesthetics, comprehensive functionality, ease of operation and maintenance, and a high degree of automation.

Operation Process of the Three-in-One Pure Water Filling Machine

  1. Bottles are conveyed through an air conveyor and then transported by a bottle-dispensing star wheel to the bottle rinsing machine.
  2. The bottle rinsing machine's revolving platform is equipped with bottle clamps that grip the bottle necks and rotate them 180°, positioning the bottle necks downward. In a specific area of the rinsing machine, the bottle clamps spray rinsing water to clean the inner walls of the bottles.
  3. After rinsing and draining, the bottles are again conveyed by the bottle-dispensing star wheel, exiting the rinsing machine and proceeding to the pure water filling machine.
  4. When bottles enter the filling equipment, bottle neck support plates hold them in place, and under the action of cams, the bottles are lifted, and the filling valve is opened via the bottle necks. Gravity filling is employed to maintain precise liquid levels.
  5. Once filling is completed, the bottle necks descend, disengaging from the filling valves. Bottles are then transitioned to the capping machine via a bottleneck clamping star wheel.
  6. The capping machine's cap-sealing knives secure the bottle necks, keeping the bottles upright and preventing rotation. The cap-sealing head, while revolving and rotating on the capping machine, performs cap gripping, placing, sealing, and cap removal actions, completing the entire sealing process.
  7. Finished bottles are conveyed from the capping machine to the bottle exit conveyor through a bottle-dispensing star wheel, and they are ultimately discharged from the Three-in-One Pure Water Filling Machine via the bottle exit conveyor.

Pure Water Filling Machine

Key Characteristics of the Three-in-One Pure Water Filling Machine

  1. The equipment features a compact structure, a well-designed control system, ease of operation, and a high degree of automation.
  2. Changing bottle shapes only requires the replacement of certain star wheel and arc guide plate components.
  3. All parts in contact with materials are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, with no dead corners, making them easy to clean.
  4. High-speed filling valves ensure precise liquid levels without liquid loss, meeting filling process requirements.
  5. The cap-sealing head utilizes a magnetic constant torque device to ensure cap quality and prevent cap damage.
  6. The equipment utilizes an efficient cap-sorting system and incorporates comprehensive self-control and protection devices.
  7. It includes a robust overload protection system, effectively safeguarding both the equipment and operators' safety.

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